Thursday, 25 November 2010

I heart Sketches

So have you ever been to a crop and are stuck as to where to start?
do you have a iphone, ipad etc

then look no further than the brand new app with over 100 different sketches including pictures of layouts made from them awesome huh!

This app is so easy to use and clear, you can search 2 papers, 2 papers and buttons then it shows you the sketch and has a layout based on that sketch,its just fab

this is what itunes have to say

Sketches2Scrapbook is a Scrapbooking Sketch application that will allow you to think creatively on the go with over 100 unique sketches and layouts to keep you inspired.

Most Scrapbookers are people with busy lives – always on the go and trying to fit scrapbooking in with everything else. When they do get to scrapbook, they bring their phone with them... to the crops, at the store, to their scrapbooking space.

Sketches2Scrapbook is a totally self-contained system where you can search the sketches for the one that suits the layout you want to make - you can search by style, by number of photos, by embellishments, even by the number of different papers you want to use.

Once you have your sketch selected, you can flip to see a sample layout made by some awesome Scrapbookers from around the world. Each of the beautiful layouts comes with a supply list of all the products they used to create the sample layout.

This App will help you to find the perfect sketch for your photos saving you both time and tote space – no need for magazines and books taking up valuable paper or embellishment space, no need to sit in front of your computer or print our online sketches to take with you. And when you are out at the store, you can use the app to pre-plan your layouts and even use the supplies list to remake the layouts with your own photos.

With 104 sketches, you have enough to make 2 layouts every week for a year plus the 12 free sketches for 1 extra layout each month (the Lite version comes built into the full version as extra sketches) – that’s a lot of inspiration especially with the sample layouts added as they are inspiring in their own right.

Sketches2Scrapbook is a way to give you more time and space to scrapbook by keeping all the sketches you need at your fingertips.

I've downloaded mine and have to say I think it is fantastic. The sketches are fun and versatile and varied to suit all tastes.... and don't forget that if you rotate and flip them, you actually have far more sketches than the 116 stated! The LOs included are super, and having the list of all supplies used on each LO makes shopping for the things you simply have to have right now, immediately, straight away, easy peasy.

you can get them here

The full version is currently $4.99

The free aka demo version is here:

Seriously check it out


Christine said...

I saw this on my friend's Iphone yesterday and I'm seriously green with envy - why did I buy a Blackberry???!! :-)

Sarah xx said...

This looks really cool - am off to check it out! xx

Libby said...

This is looks fantastic. I will downloading very soon.


Poinz said...

Was gna comment abt this bcz I clicked on the sketch sample n out came yours! Fabby dabby app!!


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