Wednesday, 24 November 2010

WIP Wednesday

So as i mentioned earlier in the week i am going to try this Working Progress Wednesday, i always have stacks and stacks on my needles at any one time but i thought i would just share the main things and not the things that have been sat in the bottom of my bag.

This is yet another Shroom
Super easy and quick i likes making these

Next up is something im not loving
My friend asked me to make her some elbow high mitts, i only agreed because we were doing a trade, she makes lovely lino prints and i wanted one for my new house, i am nearly on the wrist of the 2nd one and seriously regretting ever starting. I know my lovely picture will be worth it and she will love them so i must plod on.

This is what i am hoping to trade for
Cute huh! you can get one here

Im planning on having both of these things done for the weekend, when i have lots of other crafty things planned with my chums and of course more knitting.
Hope you enjoyed my first WIP Wednesday, are you playing along?

Rach x


Denise said...

Welcome to WIP Wednesday. I hope you continue with us. It has really helped me keep myself on track.

I understand forcing yourself to finish a project you just don't like work on. Hopefully you'll be finished soon.

Libby said...

Love seeing what you're working on. And that lino is SOOO cute.


Tami Klockau said...

Welcome to WIPW! As Denise said, I hope you continue with us.

What don't you like about the mitten? They look good to me!!

autumngeisha said...

Thanks for the link to the Shroom pattern. Such a cute hat! I love WIP Wednesdays because it is so much fun to see what other crafters are up to. I think the print is definately a good trade for the mitts even if they are tedious to knit.

Kathleen said...

That shroom hat is fantastic, I love the textures of it. I can definitely understand making more than one!

And that lovely lino print is worth a bit of a boring project slog, I think. (I kind of hate making paired things, myself. I just did some mittens a few weeks ago and it gets a lot less fun on the second one...)

Claireliz said...

Great projects on the go there Rachel, I'm not knitting anything ATM, I need a trip to the wool shop. That lino print is gorgeous

Northern Monkey said...

Thanks for dropping in at my blog! We do seem to be in similar situations with work and knitting! I recognised your picture from the Baa Ram Ewe group on Rav, I can't do Thursdays though so I don't go to their knit nights.

I'm sure your friend will love the gloves and that print is lovely, worth knitting for I'd say!

{ Emma } said...

Yay, so glad you're playing along too! I missed this one as we were flying home yesterday from the Alps so I guess missing it wasn't too bad!

Just keep thinking of the lino print when you're working on those mits, it's fab!

They do a Finished Object Friday too which sounds great too, I know I'm going to do it tomorrow.


paula said...

I'll join in the welcome to WIPW! Lovely blog. And sorry the mitts are such a hassle. They'll be well worth it, though! The print is terrific.


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