Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas Early vs Christmas Late

So I have a little predicament Im a 1st of december kinda girl when it comes to putting my xmas tree up, but with the big move approaching im not sure im willing to wait till we are all set up in the new house, coz we have no idea when that will be.

Whilst writing this i thought it would be a fun idea to look at my xmas trees through the years
2004 Mine and Robs first xmas together, this is my 2nd year of uni and as you can see xmas decorations mixed with birthday ones, gee i love my birthday being at xmas :(
2005 Xmas at my parents house, back in 2005 rob used to come and visit on the 27th ish, back in the days when we werent back at work on the 27th ggrr i hate being a grown up!
Ah 2006 this is our first xmas living together, and our little pink xmas tree is super cute
ah yes as is our 2nd xmas tree- i don't really believe in just one xmas tree
2007 and back to traditional red and green, oh my little city centre flat how i miss you.
Xmas Tree number 2 of 2007 in our bedroom, it was great lying in bed looking at the pretty lights till one of us had to get out of bed and turn the blooming things off.

Xmas tree number 3 woo we got this beauty in the Next Clearance shop we had it a couple of years before it got too battered but it was pretty whilst it latest.
2008 and another year in our lovely flat, cant see any other xmas tree photos for this year which is odd.
2009- i bought a 6ft tree this year or maybe it was 2008 and it was pants the extra foot was the straight bit a the top gutted.
It was the first and last year we had a fire place which was cute cute cute.

So i think im pretty set on putting the tree up in this house but maybe none of the other decorations as we are trying to pack, i really want a real tree this year, so i plan on doing this tree then just transporting it in the van and it can go in other room and then we can buy a real one when we are in, good plan? i think so!

I have lots of photos to share from my lovely day with my chums yesterday but i am being raced out the house to pick our carpets eeekk! Gonna nip to the house to have a look, been told our neighbours have moved in which made me feel a bit kerfuffled, why are they in before us? how unfair is that? but then i guess they clearly are trying to get people in, im just jealous and i want to be in our brand new house.
Oh well we will get there soon, at least on December 1st we can say we are moving house this month yay!

right carpets await!
Rach x
ps when are you putting your xmas tree up?


Christine said...

I'm with you - the earlier the better! I try to do it as close to December 1st as possible much to the amazement of all my friends and family (they are week before Christmas people!) I think your plan is spot on - the Christmas season is so short you need a tree from next week for sure :-)

Claire said...

Just put mine up this afternoon.... we have had the same tree for about 7 years now but we love it. We always get comments about it. Our decs are glass, white and black. Hugs Claire x

Heather said...

my decorations go up usually the weekend before Christmas, certainly no more than 7 days before hand...

Heather said...

Hahaha Im afraid I couldnt wait any longer & it went up last week! Only the tree though - other decs will be done by next weekend :))

JO SOWERBY said...

i am planning for dec 1st too. i love all ur trees across the years. mine has always been much the same. now i'll have to have a think,
Jo xxxx

beksynormz said...

We always put ours up on December 11th, exactly two weeks before christmas. That's plenty early for me, any earlier and it starts driving me nuts! xx

Libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Loved seeing all your trees - you've certainly had some beauties. I def. think you should put up a tree NOW, after all Christmas will all be over in 4 weeks :-(. And then buy a real tree for your new home :-).
Your mantel is so cute. I only ever had a mantle one Christmas and I loved it - most newer homes in Australia don't have a fire place (at least not in the cold climates).


mooncalf said...

What a lovely post. I feel like putting my tre up RIGHT NOW!

...but in reality it will be 11th December.

I'll be getting a few sparkly things about on Wednesday though and once I've seen how the kittens react I'll judge how far I can go with the decorations this year...

My simple life said...

Love all the different trees. :) We have a similar problem, we always put ours up on december first but having new flooring put down that day, then busy untill the 18th. Which to me is just FAR too late. lol


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