Monday, 29 November 2010


On saturday I had a lovely day hanging out with my chums, i often get caught up in being so busy making/ doing stuff that I dont see my friends as often as i should. Especially when they no longer live in Leeds 2 of my besties have abandoned me, but it was lovely to see them. Here are a few snaps.

so snowy walk to the bus, then a bit of a mad dash to get this

This is a complete bargain its from TK MAX you get new thickers, new city park papers, tags, flowers, stickers and a post bound album for......
£8 bargain or what?
They had others for £7 with slightly older papers, i saw these a couple of weeks ago and they were £12.99 and £10.00 they also had tons of AC stamps for 2.99 for big ones and 1.99 for littles ones. So i thought i would share this with you.

Back to our day
We spent a good chunk of our morning in Nero

We being these girlies and me
Bit of Cath Kidston browsing
the mighty tree in the Victoria Quarter
cute group pic after a series of not so cute ones, looking forward to printing this and putting it on my wall.
Have you noticed how disgustingly photogenic Fran is? and yes we are all jealous of her hair lol

So after a quick stop at my favourite sandwich shop Fatso's and a 20p wee we headed to the xmas market.
The xmas market is the same every year literally the layout is the same and everything, but still we had fun. So after the market Heather nipped home to do more house related things, whilst i dragged fran to make things.

I think Fran only ever makes things at my house, last time she made some awesome cards so this time she tried xmas cards.
my craft room is so full of boxes that she had to use the foot stool to work on doh!

When Fran went home Natalie came round, so we did some serious knitting and watched Love Actually and The Holiday. I got a whole mitten finished from about 7-11 which im chuffed with, didnt seem to take any photos but we had lots of fun.

So that was my saturday, my sunday was full of jobs, trip to tesco, trip to the house, trip to barnsley to the carpet place, trip in the in laws for our xmas decs, Phew!!

So thats if for tonight, i have had a very hectic evening, and i am off to finish a thumb on some gloves so i can wrap them and post them tomo, oh yes and finished writing out xmas cards.

Hope you had a lovely monday and werent too snowed in, i had a extended journey to work but still i got some knitting done lol.
Right im off
Thanks for stopping by
Rach xx


cathy said...

Great find that album kit eh Rachel?? I got one too but mine was £7 & I got 2 8 x 8 ones for £% each. All of the big ones were £7 in the Manchester branch .............. Gosh you'd pay more than that for the album alone!

Love the trees behind you in the pics!!

Libby said...

What a lovely day out with your friends. So jealous of all the Christmas decorations. We have them in the shops but it's not the same somehow - maybe we need to be all bundled up, surrounded by beautiful old buildings. I'm actually going away this weekend to attend a homemade markets in Canberra. Never been before so hoping it's good - esp. as I'm dragging Kevin along :-).
It's back to being Winter like here - cold and very wet - yet it's the first day of Summer tomorrow :-(.


Christine said...

Our TK Max is a bit hit and miss but there is an occasional bargain. Looks like you had such a lovely day and topped off with The Holiday and Love Actually - superb! :-)

Scraptastic Mel x said...

I bought the exact same kit from TKMAXX, but I am sure I paid £12 for it. Seriously needed albums though as I just have piles of scrapping not in albums. I love your choice of Christmas movies!


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