Wednesday, 1 December 2010

WIP Wednesday/ Snow Day

So December has been a bit of a interesting one so far, and we are only on the very first day, it started out like every other well every other with snow, i was a tad late for work but no big deal, then the snow started and didnt stop, then we heard then were stopping the buses. So the whole of Leeds promptly took the the roads.
Leeds City centre roads never look like this
My 15 min journey took over 2 hours, inc a hour having given up on the bus and got off and walked.
Part of my journey and finally relief from the snow which was pelting my face the whole way home.
And this was my front door, i could not believe how much snow had fell since that morning.

So after a eventful morning i got down to some soup making
and a bit of scrapping
This is the Sarah's Cards January kit so just a little look.

So as it is Wednesday i also have to share with you what is on my needles as WIP, i have so nearly finished the red mitts from last week, i am about to go and do the thumbs then they are finished.
i am making a chunky hat for my friends little boy Jack, it is a bit experimental at the min, certainly size wise but i thought picking a nice chunky wool would make it knit quick but for some reason it isnt. I dont really have anything else on my needles, i am planning on casting on these guys at the weekend if not before.

So we gave in and put our tree up tonight, the real tree plan went out the window and we what a HUGE tree, I will share the pics as soon as we have taken some.

Right i'm going to do these thumbs then maybe even in bed before midnight.
thanks for stopping by
Rach x


Tami Klockau said...

Thanks for participating in WIPW today! Can't wait to see the hat finished and for you to start the little ornaments! I've had my eye on those little guys for awhile!

Libby said...

Well I'm not too sure about walking home in the snow :-( but your front door area sure does look beautiful. And there's nothing like homemade soup on a cold, Winters day.


paula said...

Hurray for snow days! Especially once you're out of the mess and into the cozy part. And I love the color of your hat yarn. Hope it speeds up for you!

Denise said...

Nice mitts. or the starting of them.

I've driven in many snow blizzards back home in NE US. They had thunder snow there this morning I was told.

Glad you made it safely.


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