Monday, 18 October 2010

Pumpkin cutie! (baby photo heavy)

So this weekend was the weekend i became a Godmother! and it was awesome!
On friday night i headed up north for a haircut and a fancy meal with my mam and dad, then a spot of knitting.
Saturday i spent a good while on godmother duty entertaining Elijah and occasionally throughly a ball for Wilson, which was fun.
Babies and puppy dogs in one day i know! I also gave him his present i made him! I have been dying to see this baby in this hat for ages now and i have to say it was worth the wait!
I love this photo and Im going to print it out and have it on my desk, and im gonna scrap it and have it on my wall. There is nothing quite like the seeing something you have knit being worn, especially by such a cutie.
So after some cuddles we headed out for a walk.
How funny is this photo? its not quite in focus, i think i need more practise at photos and pram pushing but the expression on his face is just the cutest.
This is my favourite! The hat is Eat your veggies its super easy.

So they next day dawned, and we headed off to church for Elijah Dedication.
This is me and Ol.
It was super cold in the church so Elijah had to wear his new hat, with lots of lovely comments from like everyone yay!
Afterwards we headed to a different church for a bit of a buffet, I someone managed to wangle in another feed with Elijah
This is officially my new favourite thing to do. I was pretty impressed i managed it as everyone was after a piece of him.
This is Kate who is Elijahs other Godmother. Elijah is well into chewing on things at the minute.
And finally this is Elijah and his bestest buddy.
This is gorgeous Malachi
He is 6mths so 3 mths older than Elijah.

So thats pretty much been my weekend, few other things to share but thats for another night, hope you arent too babied out (na thought not).
bye Rach x


Rachael said...

Looks like you had a great time Rachel and I love the hat, it looks sooooo cute on him :)

JO SOWERBY said...

aw welcome to the super cute society of fairy godmothers, now wave ur magic wand and make all his dreams come true.
Jo xxx

Jessica said...

I love love love that pumpkin hat on him, I might get my mum to knit me some similar if I find a pattern.

Nicola said...

Cute puppy! Oh and baby! xx

Scraptastic Mel x said...

That hat is so cute! I love everything to do with pumpkins - so sweet!


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