Thursday, 14 October 2010

Flying by

Hi guys, man how quickly are the days going, not my 9-5 but the days in general.
Before i know it its nearly friday and i havent blogged since the weekend.
Firstly thanks for all the lovely comments on my new hats and for my new look blog.

Last weekend i unearthed a layout i hadnt touched for a year, it was waiting, waiting for hand sewing, so i did it and now i have something to show you.
This is one of my all time favourite photos.
The lovely Sj took it for us back in March 2008 we have it big on our wall in the living room and i love love love it, i also have it framed somewhere in the house too.
But anyway this layout doesnt look quite finished but i think its ok.

Speaking of March 2008, i came across a page kit that i hadnt finished so quickly knocked this up
Ah Brighton, the mighty Brighton!
As part of our southern road trip we went to brighton, man we love this place, such fabby shops and great vibe. Looking at these photos we got tons of stuff, our metal fish are in our bathroom which we love, our bird house is in the hall, our metal dog also in the hall and our house stitched picture is also in the hall.
Doing this page kit reminded me how much i like doing them. I was supposed to do some this week but naturally i didnt but i will next week and try and throw together a few dips on how i do it.

Right thats all for me, but i forgot to tell you i have had a nightmare this week with my beloved iphone! Its not working so i cant blog from my phone, email, fb, twitter, erm use my phone, i have the oldest brick ever so feeling the loss in a major way. I am also home home this weekend for Elijahs Christening so that means i cant blog, will try on sunday night.

Right lots to do.
thanks for calling by
Rach xx
p.s i forgot to say HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Jen and Michael on the birth of their gorgeous baby boy Benjamin, born 10/10/10 thats right how cool!

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Claireliz said...

love your LO's Rachel. your Brighton goodies look lovely :D, love the new look blog too.


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