Sunday, 10 October 2010


I love love making hats, they can be quick, and instant gratification. I wear hats quite a bit and always have really. So i made myself a quick chunky hat, i made the same one last december ish and i love it but wanted a xmassy colour.
So this is what i made, its the Shroom, which i also made for Laura.
I LOVE this colour its so yummy, its Big Softie wool which comes in tons of cute colours.

As well as this hat i have also been making a super cute hat for Elijah, its his christening next weekend so im heading back home so hope to get a couple of pics with him wearing it, hope it fits.
Its really cute, and can be done in other colours for a grape or something.

So let me talk scrapbooking with you!
I am in a rut! and its deep, i have done a little today but not happy with it so i'm not gonna show you.
I think the way forward is to get rid of my stash i'm finding uninspiring and concentrate on the stuff i love, i also could do with buying a little more. I guess this is the first time for 2 years i have been to Florida and bought tons of new stash so maybe thats having some sort of impact.
I'm planning on have a page kit evening one day this week as i think this helps, if the paper is all cut up i can see the layout easier than 3 12x12 sheets in a bag.

I have just finished a page for a page kit i did last time we had a weekend away.
And more knitting news, i am slowing stepping into the territory of knitting for christmas, thats right christmas.

We are set to move house at the end of November which is also my last pay day before xmas so im trying to be imaginative lol, but hopefully people wont mind.

Right im gonna try and knock up a layout or bin some stuff.
Then knitting and a film wrapped up in my 90% finished quilt i have been doing today.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have had a great weekend x
p.s I notice i have a few more followers, welcome, i would love to know how you fell upon my blog x
p.p.s Just had a massive blog make over you like?


Julie said...

Hiya Rachel,
I LOVE that hat - my knitting is going OK - not great but not too bad, my problem is I'm always wanting to start new projects before I finish an old one - I have so many on the go.
I bet your getting excited about the house move :) :)
Cant wait to see the quilt you've been working on.
I'm making some handmade gifts for Christmas Some really funky aprons for some of my friends - I'll pop a picture on my blog when theyre done.
Have a great week Hun - Ju xx

Carly said...

Ok this is going to sound so crazy but what is the best way to make a page kit? I am in a scrapping rut and a friends suggesting making page kits but I am at a loss really as to what to add :)

Libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Love the hat - it so suits you. As for scrapbooking mojo - I lose mine all the time. Definitely a good clean - getting rid of things I know longer love and finding things I do and had forgotten about - definitely helps to get me inspired again. Taking online classes as helps me - esp. if I'm given a prompt or task - takes a bit of thinking away :-).


Nicola said...

Ah yes, lovely new blog. Im planning knitted gifts too - guess the Ward's will be well rugged up! ;)

Poinz said...

Ohh me likey the makeover! and I too am in a scrapbooking rut! Like seriously..haven't been scrapping for nearly 2months now! Love the shroom and those hand warmers you make! Till the next comment, hugs!

JO SOWERBY said...

wow loving the massive blog makeover, it's like a new home for ur blog and for u guys coming soon with the big move. i know what u mean about the scrapbook nose dive mojo wise. i think we all get that and sometimes we just need to go with the flow and it'll come back when it's ready.
loving the hat, just the right colours. i am finishing a scarf called ''citreon shawl'', its dead easy to make with one ball of wool. i also picked up the the new debbie bliss mag in the wool shop with loads of pattersn and chat for £4.50.
Jo xxxx

Clairlou said...

I Love the new blog - very stylish and fresh. I would love to learn how to knit but I have no idea where and how to start.


TK said...

I adore hats!!!! These 2 are superb- very talented indeed....I can't knit, sew, crochet or any of that...I have to buy it but I do write, I do try to be a good mum, I bake, I hang out at the skate park for my son...thats all good isn't it!!??!!

Jenny said...

Loving the hats, and your fetching mitts look ace too (I'm catching up, lol). Like the new look blog, the header is cool!! x x

{ Emma } said...

I'm so totally jealous about how you suit this style of hat! It looks fab.

Can't wait to see your quilt.

And I totally get the whole scrapbooking issue. I haven't scrapped in months and months, but I'm hoping when we finally sort out my craft room in the new house I might actually start again. I'm going to have a major sort out though when I take it out of boxes... I have way too much!

Christine said...

Love the new blog look. I'm quite a new follower - I discovered you through Sarah's Cards and then became hooked on seeing all your knitting as well as your other craft projects :-))


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