Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Iphone Love

Hi guys, i am trying to be more regular with my blogging so here i am.
Today i wanted to share with you a little something i have been working on
As you know i used to be on the design team for Twisted Sketches, well a few months ago Anam asked me if i would be part of a new venture. This is awesome its a App for the iphone with sketches on, so when you are at a crop and a bit stuck you can just use your app.
It is due to launch around the 4th November, you can follow them on twitter here and facebook here or go to the website here.

So speaking of iphones and how awesome they are, i have been reunited with my beloved iphone.

Its only when you use a 'brick' that you really see the huge difference in phones, never mind the colour screen, internet, camera, etc but usability. It took me ages to send a text that it was quicker just to ring people. Boy how things have changed.

Today i have made a little list of things to blog about as i was struggling and i have tons so i will leave you hanging for today, as you can see from my WIP chart i have stacks and stacks of knitting on the go. Last night by the time i sat down to knit at 9.30 i was too tired, so im off now to block something i just finished and then work on another pumpkin hat lol.

Thanks for stopping by xx


JO SOWERBY said...

ooh loving the sound of that app rachel. hope u get to knitting abit earlier tonight
Jo xxxx

Libby said...

I have to tell you I am very excited about this app. Sketches and prompts are something I love very much.



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