Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Presents, hair, red, Ishbel

Hi guys, so day 3 and im still blogging, today i wanted to share with you what i made as part of my gift for Elijah.
I got this fab frame from Ikea, and made a 9x9 page for Elijah room. They loved it loads which was awesome. The papers actually make the welcome home card i did which is also framed in his room.

So whilst i was at home i got my hair cut (tons cheaper than Leeds), its just been cut back into shape really but here it is, very posey photos, im sorry!
As you can see its getting really light, so today i went and bought a red dye so im literally about to go and colour my hair wish me luck.
So last night me and rob were messing about with the computer taking photos, we did some like this ages ago and i have blogged and scrapped them since so here are our new ones.
Nice and normal, its normal for me to wear a hat as our house is stupid cold, especially upstairs.
now some fun ones

Yep this is the kinda thing we do on a evening.
So as im out at knitting tomorrow night and i have kinda shown you already! The pics of my hair also include my ishbel, so here are a few more snaps
So thats it finished, it was fun not too tricky but some bits required complete silence, turns out rob isnt great at being quiet lol. I have had a few admiring looks at it which is nice, its turned out quite big as i used dk not 4ply but im really pleased with it and pretty much worn it ever since i finished it, not sure how well its gonna go with my red hair, speaking of which its getting late and i best get it done.


Christine said...

Great hair, looks a super cut and the Ikea frame is fab - think I may have to make a visit to purchase soon. Ishbel - I think it is way too ambitious for me but it's gorgeous :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

loving the completed knitting, very warm looking. lo is gorgeous too
Jo xxxx

Libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Love the new haircut - looks super cute, as does the ishbel. You are so clever - I don't think my knitting skills will EVER be anything like yours. And what fun photos of you and Rob - such a cute couple. I think red hair will really suit you - can't wait to see how it turns out.



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