Monday, 25 October 2010


Hi guys, wow you guys seem to like Skipton as much as me lol
So as promised i have a few goodies to show you.
Red and White
how could you go wrong
You cant, seriously cute heart, i am attempting to knit one of these myself cute!

Red and Polka Dot
Cute little hook, i need lots of cute hooks for all my little hearts to hang on the walls.

Cant wait to find a home for this once my home is actually built lol

Next up
Little wooden xmas tree

Cute stuff

I got another couple of bits including my mams xmas present and my granddads birthday present.
I have a good portion of my families birthday right before xmas hhmm!

I also wanted to share a little sneak of this/next months kit for Sarahs Cards.
I love this kit, and im really pleased with my pages which i havent been for a good few months.
Speaking of Sarah's and scrapping i forgot to tell you we are going on another DT weekend, same place as we went last November, thats on bonfire weekend, so no trip to Roundhay park for me but im sure it will be more than worth it.

Finally a tiny peak into my day
Some crazy cute decorations in accessorize at the min
New home magazine but this time a christmas special yay!

Right im off to do some more page kits i have about 6 so far and check rob hasnt cut his hand off whilst carving a pumpkin.
Tomorrow i plan to show you the new scarf i have finished.
Hope you all had a good monday xx


JO SOWERBY said...

i love the idea of rob craving a pumpkin, but perhaps he was carving it. shame i could see him loving that pumpkininess.
methinks a red theme for xmas and the new abode is developing. a gr8 signature colour. now we'll expect u to knit more hearts in different cours for each new room to spread the love
Jo xxxx

Nicola said...

I miss Accessoriiiiiize!! Did you get me a wooden tree??


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