Sunday, 24 October 2010

Adventure Day

So yesterday me and Rob went on an adventure. Its not very often we actually go out, Rob tends to only get one day off at a time so doesnt really wanna be dragged out. But today we went somewhere we have wanted to go for ages, seriously i have blogged i am going before but never got around to going.
Here is how our day started.
First we went to see our house, which has become more un fun each time with its s-l-o-w progress
here is how the others on the street look, and how ours should (dont get me started).
After we shook off our disappointment we headed to Heathers new house.
Heather lives quite far away now but the drive was pretty and i got some knitting done.
So after we oohh and ahhhed at Heathers new house, we all headed out for a day trip to Skipton.

First off we headed to a shop i have wanted to go to for ages.
Thet have wool and fabric, lots of it is really fancy like Laura Ashley and stuff
I got half a metre of the dog fabric to make a cushion too cute huh?
Rob did a whole lot of leaning and playing 'words'

I bought a little wool, (Leanne some of this is yours). I got a little more yummy stylecraft, i love it!
Heather bought a little too, do you like my hurry up rob and take the photo face, awesome huh?
That is Heathers hat im wearing, she didnt make it but shes gonna learn how and make me one arent you heather?
Next up we headed to the canal for some chips
There were some very cheeky ducks and very naught pigeons, that kept flying up at us, i dont mind birds but even i was a bit freaked out.
This is one of the naughty ducks.
Cute boats
This is me sitting on a sheep, they were dotted all around and painted all pretty.
Then Rob had a go at taking photos

Me and heather and our giant shopping bags full of wool.
I am genuinely about to walk up the steps here and not just doing a photo op.
Pretty pretty.
Then we headed for a hot chocolate, man i love hot chocolates with pretty pictures.
We then had a wonder round and i saw too much stuff i wanted

cutest fattest pudding made from cord, man i want this for my tree.
This cushion is so cute but far too expensive to be out for only one month but still pang!
So after the shops and a tiny bit more shopping (will show you what i got tomo) we headed home.
On the way home Rob said we could stop here
I love love love pet shops so yay!
this is my driver man.

We had a awesome day, when we got back we had a take away and watched a really bad film, so retired to bed to read a home magazine, oh and we bought a pumpkin.

So all in all pretty darn perfect day.
Dont you agree?
Right somehow got to try and make rob carve this pumpkin
wish me luck x


Heather said...

ooooh what a good blog post Rach!
It was a lovely day.
Not making any promises about that hat though, tried and failed to copy it once before!

JO SOWERBY said...

aw i sooooooooo want some of the doggie material, it's perfect and i love westies. sad pics of the house r not gr8 for morale, what r they doing, making 1 brick a day or something. they need a kick up the tooshy.
Jo xxxx

Libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Sorry to hear your house isn't progress quite as hoped :-(. But it sounds like a fantastic day out none-the-less. And of course, I'm mighty jealous :-). Can't wait to see all you bought. That xmas cushion was gorgeous - and must have been very hard to leave in the shop.


Sally said...

wow!!! busy bee indeed looks like you had tons of fun... looking forward to seein what you bought:O) xxx

Nicola said...

Looks a 'fun' day sis! x

Liz said...

I've not come across that wool/fabric shop before in Skipton. What is it and where is it?

The photo we took posing with the sheep was the John Lennon one!

Anne said...

Gorgeous photos! I have oohed and ahhed over that doggie fabric in my local shop too - but resisted as I have made so many cushions I think I am one day going to be suffocated by them, and I couldn't think what else to make out of it. Looking forward to seeing what you end up with! And that Christmas pudding - too cute for words!


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