Friday, 22 October 2010


Thank goodness its friday, this week as been long and a bit naf and im very grateful for it being friday. Finally the weekend, i have plans. I need to tackle this at some point (mam look away now).
We started to pack this room a bit the other week but havent touched it since so things are just piling on top of things hhmmm so its on my list. Its so messy im not spending any time in here eeek.

I was all set to tidy when i got in but then got distracted. Firstly by this....

A very large box from Sarah's Cards in prep for a couple of scrappy weekends i have coming up. I ordered this pretty hefty order on wednesday night like late and i had it by today, and there was a lot of single sheets of papers there, so super speedy delivery very impressed!

And secondly by Christmas!

thats right i said the C word, i love Christmas as you may know, but i love love christmas films, i have been watching them for maybe 6 weeks or so now and i have lots but i thought i would just search christmas films on amazon and found lots more.
So i watched trailers and read reviews and came up with these two.
Very excited about these yay!
What else oh yes a couple more baby snaps to share with you.
This is William and hes my mams friends baby, he clearly loved his pumpkin hat, this is the one that had to be replaced for Jack lol.
This is beautiful Grace, who is just cute as a button. She is modelling a super cute hat called Rib knit baby hat it was so easy and i just used a ball of wool i had had for a while. Grace is my ex colleagues baby and i cant wait to meet her she is quite far away so will have to wait for now.

right thats it for now, i am going on somewhat of an adventure tomorrow so will tell you all about it tomorrow
Rach x


TwinTrouble said...

You will love the 12 Days Of Christmas Eve... I got it a few years ago have watched it sooo many times :)

Jacey said...

My favourite xmas film is Elf with will ferrel, we always put it on when we are decorating the tree, love the hats, so cute!x

Amanda said...

I have seen both the films on movies 24 on virgin they are both good and all through dec they show non stop xmas films they get repeated but i love watching them :-)

Libby said...

Best of luck tackling your room. Can't believe you're already watching Christmas movies. I love them too and the girls have quite a collection. I'll have to keep a look out for the two you mentioned. Have a great weekend.


Christine said...

I would be very distracted by that box too! Super cute baby hat, love it. I'm about to crack open the Christmas DVDs - I always watch Scrooge whilst putting up the tree (which gets earlier and earlier every year!)

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Good luck with the moving! We keep wanting to move appartment, but I don't fancy the idea of packing everything up!

My simple life said...

your desk looks like mine. lol Christmas movies are the best. :) Not christmas to me without jingle all the way and The family man. :)

Claireliz said...

I now don't feel so bad about my untidiness, thankyou :D Hope you can move in soon.
I too am postie stalking & have plans to hit Sarahs Cards & AFTH later today (when his lordship goes out), your as bad as my DD when it comes to Christmas she's been playing Christmas songs since July & keeps telling me that certain toy adverts look very interesting

JO SOWERBY said...

glad it's the end of the week?.............but then there's packing. i loathed packing up my house and left the crafty stuff til last so i could see my precious pretties
Jo xxxxx

Jenny said...

Packing is always the hardest part of moving. Then unpacking... Can't wait to see the stash *hint hint*

Sorry, I'm a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' fan. It is, to me, the most fabbi Christmas movie EVER! *lol*


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