Saturday, 2 October 2010

A fairy Godmother

I am terribly excited to tell you I have been asked this week to be Godmother to the beautiful Elijah
In 1998 and in our final year at school, I asked J out for my friend Ol, they have been together ever since, got married, got a house, got a puppy and had this beautiful boy. My Godson!
So on honour of my new title, I have done a scrapbook page.
Sometime last year i did a step my step of how my mind works (i cant find the post) and everyone seemed to really like it so i have done another.
On Wednesday before work i grabbed a load of stuff that it thought went, mainly October Afternoon Fly a Kite, got my fave pic of me and Elijah and left it.

So i got started today, as you might have gathered i have been pretty useless this week so saved everything for the weekend.
This piece of paper was already gutted so i had to work around that.
a bit of kraft never hurt anyone, neither did this lovely dotty brown paper.
Then i added my trust brown kraft tag for hidden journalling- someone asked where i get these from, erm.. i get them at work (dont tell only a few).
i like to use my leftovers so punched a couple of scalloped circles out of this.
Then i added a couple of pretty boy coloured flowers from the fab American Crafts
Love these Alphas from October Afternoon!
Struggled to find enough letters for the word godson out of my thickers.
TA da!
added a date for good measure and for a little interest at that side of the page.
And here it is
I added a couple of bits like the ribbons and didnt use the rub ons in the end. But im pretty pleased with it and glad it looks babyish but still boy like too.
Hope this has been a little help to you.
In other news i have had a pants week, for no great reason just tired so not a great deal done other than read, but i will pop back tomo to tell you what i have been reading and what i thought of them. Today (well its 4pm) im gonna do a few rows on my Ishbel and then cook loads of stuff which i have taken out of the freezer. Then more knitting and a film with my fella tonight, oh and a little reading. Tomorrow we have a strange day planned with a newly acquired be in our bonnets but thats all i am saying, unless you follow me on twitter lol.


Anne said...

Congratulations! What a lovely looking boy he is - very cute.

Beautiful page too - perfect for babies without being too girly and flowery. Love it.

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh congrats it's a wonderful feeling being asked isnt it? i am official godmum to two children and unofficial to 2 as well, arent i lucky.
Jo xxxx

Libby said...

Another wonderful layout. I'm definitely going to try layering like you do, but I'm not sure if I've got the knack. Missed hearing from you this week.



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