Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Man is it dark at the minute, i really struggle with the dark mornings and nights, dont get me wrong there is nothing i like more than to be cosy under a blanket, preferably watching a xmas film, i actually did that last night, but the dark on a morning kills me. I know its only going to get worse when the clocks change, currently its getting dark about 7.15 which makes evening plans a problem when you have to get home in the dark ho hum!

So i post before work i know! i wanted to come and share what i have done for the latest Sarahs Cards kit. I actually worked on this ages ago but i think its only just gone out.
Man i love Roundhay park we live so close to it and im really gonna miss it when we move to the other side or town.
A rare family photo this is from 2008 because my hair is super super long (pang), it snot often we are all together in the same room/country and this is one of my favourite pics.
I confess this was a tricky piece of paper to use, but i love love this photo of Rob so it works lol
I really like this photo of my mam, sorting out my garden as ever when we moved in.

Right thats enough scrappy stuff for now, i best go and get ready
Have a nice day all xx


Libby said...

Love the layouts. You have such a knack to layering on your pages.
Having experienced your long Summer days I can imagine it's hard adjusting the shorter ones. In our Summer the latest our sunset is is 8.30pm and the sun will be up around 5.30am.


Kirsty said...

Where did you get your brown parcel labels Rachel?


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