Sunday, 26 September 2010

Home Sweet Home?

I have to admit the first week back wasnt as bad as i thought, however i barely blogged, knitted and no chance of any scrapping, been a bit fat zonked this week, kept thinking while i was at work when i get in i will do this that the other etc and just flopped when i got in.
So it thought i would come and blog properly.
First i have to show you what we got in the post on friday
My sister in Auz knit us this fabulous house! how seriously awesome is it! We completely love it and cant wait to find a home for it in the new house. It is the house from Kirsty's Homemade Homes which was on last christmas. Cute Cute Cute.
Speaking of home stuff i had a little ... or a big trip to the next sale yesterday, my arm is literally in pain from carrying all of this back.But here are a few things i picked up.
I have been after this for a while and yippee half price
You might have spotted this in the background, i love love this and it was a bargain at £7 from £25 love it!
Yes nearly everything i own either says home or love in some way or another, but i thought this would be great for our tea towels in the kitchen.
3 new cushions all half off woo, the teal one im hoping to get the curtains to match if they make them big enough for our giant new window.
We dont have salt or pepper in our house, but we figure we will have a nice kitchen soon so people will come round and they may want it and at £2 i just had to.

I have a few other things to show you but blogger is playing up and im short or time as ever, i have also been making real progress on my Ishbel, its not perfect but surely your first lace work project isnt meant to be.
I will try harder this week with blogging and maybe try and come back later if blogger is behaving, but for now you can all oohh and ahh at how clever my sister is and how cute that house is!
Rach x


Sarah xx said...

Looks like you got some good bargains at the sale Rach, they will look great in your new home and that doorstop is sooo cute! xx

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Well done on the bargains! Some great finds there.

Julie said...

I'm glad your first week back at work went well - Love what you've picked up from next - I too love anything that says Home/Love/Family :)
and guess what I've started to knit - yippee!!! I'm not actually making anything just lots and lots of practise :) :)
Enjoy your week - Ju x

Jenny said...

Yup, you've a very clever sister. Know what you mean about not getting anything done! That's me for the last fortnight, and I've now tonnes I want to do but dunno where to start! Great bargin hunting! xx

Nicola said...

Oooh! Aaah! Im a clever sis hehe x

dresstoimpress said...

I really like that home sign!! Is that from Next too??


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