Thursday, 23 September 2010

So close

To not blogging tonight, kinda ran out of time so quick iPhone blog!

Last night I spent ages on Amazon looking at new books a fancied so then I wrote them all down and today I went here

-Leeds city library! I picked up a stack of books from my list.

Yes all chick lit but still reading!

As knitting has slowly taken over my life I have stopped reading and everything else lol so I aim to read more! I also planned to get to be earlier than 11.40 to read lol.
In other knitting news I have started the lace bit on my Ishbel!
So far I have learnt silence is needed for lace work an not knit night lol.

Slowly slowly!
I also got a bit of a bargain at knit night tonight

Sublime silk something normally £4.50 now £2 wow!

These are my pretty flowers I bought whilst food shopping!

This is one of many cute items I have bought this week lol

Right my book/sleep is calling me
Night xxx

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1 comment:

Nicola said...

Lace is not a good project for knit night! Looking good tho... x


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