Sunday, 3 October 2010

Falling in love again!

When you know you are moving house you completely fall out of love with where you are living. We didnt plan on still being in this house in October, here for dark nights, cold evenings, cold bathroom floors etc
But we are but have been told we should be in our new place by the end of November. So today we set some time aside to fall in love again! Today it was the living room.
The living room has a huge bay window and our sofa was in it so the draft went down our necks, so we have moved it to the other side and had a bit of a swap about of stuff.
This is our new corner, which used to have all my wool crap on it.
It looks super pretty now with our new orchid on it and our home sign which we failed to save for the new place.
The sofa is over here now and currently blocking half the fireplace which im not too sure about, but i do have my new knitting light in a better place.
I like to have fresh flowers in the house, these have lasted ages :)

We also had a swap around in the hall
I love my twiggy things as we call them and they make the hall really cosy, and check out our new picture for our calendar, this is from A Bugs Life.
I picked up this baby at the library, and by picked up i mean, requested and had to wait. The new Sophie Kinsella, aint nothing like them, but i have to get through the one im reading now first. Shame all the books ive been reading are so big and heavy, my bag weighs a ton on the way to work.

Well thats all for now, off to do some knitting before the sunday night blues set in, today i also sorted all my wool out so will try and blog that tomorrow, i am also going to sell a little bits, its some i got from America so pop back if your interested or email me.
Thanks for stopping by
Rach x


Rachael said...

Rachel your lounge looks lovely and cosy now, love the throw and cushion on the sofa :) Fingers crossed you get into your new house soon but not until after the 4th November!!!

Libby said...

There is nothing like rearranging rooms to make them feel new. That is one thing I don't like our home - there is little opportunity to do this. In fact the only room I can do this is our loungeroom - we have a summer and winter (with gas heater) arrangement.
I love the photos you shared - your home looks so cozy and welcoming. I love British homes - even new builds have a lot of character. Not so in Australia (which is why we designed our own home).


Anne said...

It's looking good! I know what you mean about once you've made the decision to go - but I think you're doing the right thing by "falling back in love" - it's your home for now, and it's important that it feels like home.

Fingers crossed it wont be too long for you until you're in your new place!

Nicola said...

I want twiggy lights!!

Poinz said...

Hi rach! Long time no comment! been busy as heck n back in my home town for holidays! missed your blog buckets! n now lookieeee all the candy you've been posting, i loveeee your abode! lushness all around!! alright, gtg now. cheers and big hugs!



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