Thursday, 16 September 2010

48 hours

I seem to have had a busy couple of days with stacks of photos to share so im gonna speed through them as my days are ticking by and the dreaded work is nearly at my door. Time is precious!
On Tuesday i left you with a soggy day but by the time we got moving it looked like this
Blue skies how? i dont know but we headed to a little local park to take some snaps. here come snaps...
So that was the park, then we had a quick nip to see the house, then on to the carpet shop.
the cost of carpets is mental, in fact i could learn to drive for the cost of carpets for our new house, darn us picking a town house and its 2 flights of stairs lol.

next up we went to the cinema to see Going the distance
Then home for a yummy giant Asda pizza and i watched Cherry has a baby, which is on BBC3. I was all set, Rob had gone to play squash so i sat with my knitting and randomly found this programme and i didnt move until it finished, i sat with a needle and thread on hand the whole time lol. It was really interesting and excitingly next week is Cherry gets married so looking forward to that.

So Wednesday, i had the lovely Charlotte and her gorgeous daughter and charlottes mum visit.
Cute cute cute! i also got to feed her which is one of my favourite things to do, i also learnt a clever way of balancing the baby on my leg to stop my arm going dead and falling off lol.

After Charlotte departed, me and Rob went camping! Yes it was on our list but i am very surprised that we did actually go, we just went local to Rudding Park but we had a blast, we got there at 6.30 which was quite late but had lots of fun.
When we were all in and cosy at 8pm we ate the left overs from lunch which was risotto.
and tuesdays left over pizza yum
we then took silly photos,p.s do you like our hats, it was a wee bit chilly
I took loads of knitting but it was too cold/small for that so i just got in bed instead.P.s yes that is a twilight hoodie!
I managed a tiny bit of knitting this morning, i also only lasted a tiny amount of time without my jumper back on.
We took some more silly pics before we started the nightmare that is getting sleeping bags into crazy tiny bags.

We then headed for a look round the campsite, we past the tent over the hedge where a man that sounded like the guy from Royal Family had been shouting all morning. Grrr!
We found the lake where all the quacking had been coming from that morning.
We found the cabin i would like to stay in for my birthday, then i remembered my birthday is at a stupid time of year and it will properly cost a million pounds as well as being freezing.
On the way home we stopped off for a bargain carvery
So a great couple of days. When i got in a did a tiny bit of scrapping literally tiny but its a start.

I am about to leave for knit night now and we are all starting a new project at the same time, as its a bit tricky, lace work, charts, tony wool eeekk. this is what we are doing Ishbel.
So thats me for now. i better go before blogger crashes and i cry and cry.
Hopefully be back tomo, thanks for sticking till the end i know its a lot of photos eeekk
Rach xx

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