Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Rainy Days

The last few days have looked like this, crazy rain, wind and dark by 7.30!
Not quite the summer holidays i had planned, as there is lots of sitting in the house going on i barely have any photo's of us together but lots of what i have been knitting etc
I started these Fetching mitts on sunday,Cabling whilst doing magic loop is not a whole lot of fun

pleased with how they are looking though
thing about mitts, gloves, socks, you have to finish then do another one doh! hoping to finish the first one later today.

On Sunday i also knocked up the quickest hat on the planet
This is called Really Warm Hat its actually for rob but i modelled it.I used Wendy Pampas which is huge fat wool, i'm half way through another for a friend. Literally takes 2 hours max awesome!

So yesterday was super rainy, and i had my friend Karen round for the day to help me tackle my Cosmo fabric which i have had for a couple of months.
I had been eyeing up the lovely katherines, lovely quilt, she did instructions over the weekend, which are awesome.
I havent quite followed the same pattern but certain elements are the same.
Before Karen arrived i thought a few hipstamatic pics were in order
Turns out getting the angle of hipstamatic sometimes takes a few goes.
I also wanted to show you my new chicken for my new fancy kitchen, this is Chuck, Rob picked its name.I've had my eye on chuck for a while and she was reduced the other day so i snapped her up lol.
I made some cookies whilst i waited for karen to arrive yum!
So sewing, lots and lots of cutting out, and then a bit more cutting. I had previous made 3 quilts in just the basic square format so this time i wanted to take it up a step, but the step to katherines was too giant so i did a mix.
once all the tiny squares were done we decided what order they should go in.
Then i got sewing
And then it was done (no photo yet) but obviously i have the back to do and the actually quilting but i can see what it will look like which is exciting.
So a great day yesterday and then we finished it off by going for a lovely meal at the White House in Roundhay which is a new find.
We used our clubcard points from tesco so it was free, the best kinda fancy meal.

So today is another wet day, think we are going a little stir crazy with all the sitting in, its starting to brighten up so maybe we will get to the park as previously planned.
If not its playing with paper and wool again and maybe a little trip to the cinema.
Tomo my lovely uni friend is coming to visit with her gorgeous baby Lydia.
thanks for stopping by xx


Jen said...

loving your quilt!

Serendipity (Christine) said...

The quilt looks like a dream - can't wait to see the pic of it when finished. I don't think you've got time to return to work...! :-)

Claireliz said...

Love the quilt that fabric is lush!! hope the weather picks up for you so you can get out & about

Claireliz said...

Love the quilt that fabric is lush!! hope the weather picks up for you so you can get out & about

Claireliz said...

Love the quilt that fabric is lush!! hope the weather picks up for you so you can get out & about

Rachael said...

Wow you have been busy!! Love the quilt.

libby said...

Despite the rain it sounds as though you're having a great time and getting lots done. We're having lots of rain here as well - and it's cold, which is crazy for mid-Sept. Not sure where Spring went to this year. Hope the rain stops soon so you can get outside and enjoy your holiday some more. Oh, and I love the quilt.


Heather said...

sucks that it's raining doesn't it?
Your fetching and your quilt are looking awesome though, gonna look so good when they're finished!

p.s work is dreadful, I'd not bother coming back in next week if you value your sanity x


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