Tuesday, 7 September 2010

2 Weddings and a Baby

Morning everyone, WOW what a weekend, we are exhausted but we had an amazing few days.
I am here to share more photos from Laura's wedding, and my friends Vics on sunday, and some lush baby photos.
So Laura's- as im sure you have read everywhere amazing wedding, so here are a few more snaps
Love love love this one, i have ordered a big one from photobox for my wall and a 6x4 to scrap yay!
This photo really makes me smile, laura is not often seen without her mouth wide open in a photo lol, she looks so excited here.
the Confetti shot is my favourite of the day, we took 100s of them walking down, loves them!

So after a 5 hour drive back up to Leeds, and a few hours sleep, i was bundled in a car to the next wedding.This was of my oldest friend Vic oh and her groom Ant lol

The Bride and her maids
Oh man did our feet hurt
I had a awesome day and im really chuffed with my photos considering i had to be in quite a few as bridesmaid. I again have ordered loads today to arrive in a couple of days wooo.
Watching my oldest friend get married was amazing and weird at the same time, i cried most of the way down the aisle, i laughed with old school friends who were there and hadnt seen for years, and spent the most special day in Vics life by her side.

So after a late night at the wedding, we got up early and headed over for a spot of babysitting, not properly though, my friend was just getting ready for a wedding so all i had to do was cuddle Elijah and feed him yay!
Rob and Elijah, in his wedding outfit, it sure was the weekend for weddings lol
This is lovely Ol all dressed up for the wedding and her gorgeous boy, again had this printed out.

After this we headed back to my parents house, where we had a lesson in how to put up a tent from my dad
We had a pretty terrible time last time we went camping, im blaming the shocking non waterproof pop up tent, so we are using dads kit and gonna try again whilst we are off, when its ever sunny lol.
After this lesson, I settled for a bit of knitting with my mam
and then a party tea of pizza, chicken, and cake yum!
Whilst we were there we were given a lovely new plant, rob had lets call it a accident with the last one and i was super upset, so my mam replaced it for me. When we got back to Leeds we found robs mum had had the same idea and replaced it too. Great minds think alike right? which is funny coz it was about 2 months ago that the plant met its end in the form or too much tomato feed.
So now we have 2 yippee, i love these plants so im more than happy to have too.
So thats been my weekend in as much of a nutshell as i could manage.
I now have a stack of washing and a house to tidy and lots of knitting to do.

thanks for stopping by guys
Rach x


Jen said...

sounds like a fab weekend, great pics!

JO SOWERBY said...

wow what an amazing weekend of fun and activity, glad u had a g8 time. i am off to a royal marines passing out parade this friday, that's my wedding for the year i think!!!
Jo xxx

Laura said...

Lovely blog post! I am loving all your photos of the wedding!

I sent you a dvd today! I can't wait to do the biggest photobox order EVER! lol!

Lorraine said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend:D


libby said...

HI Rachel,

Looks like both weddings were so much fun. And here's hoping for some nice weather so you can go camping.... and make me jealous with your photos of the English countryside :-).



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