Sunday, 5 September 2010

Perfect Day

Fabulous day! Fabulous venue, beautiful bride! Great friends!
A few quick snaps of the day before I turn in for the next wedding! Rob has been a star driving all the way.

P.s i have purposely not put any photos of the bride, i thought she would like to do that. I have edited this post as its now the morning and all my hipstamatic photos have been chopped from the last few days gutted.
anyway i best dash i have a wedding to get ready for.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Harrison x

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Claireliz said...

looks like you had a fab time, can't wait to see Lauras dress

JO SOWERBY said...

aw u look amazing rachel, gorgoues dress and rob cleans up proper posh!!! glad the wedding went well, looks like a scrapbooking convention
Jo xxxx

Laura said...

Gorgeous photos!

I adore the one of Will at the altar with his hand over his heart <3

Feel free to post bride pics... I don't have any to blog yet!

And if I pop you a DVD can you pop all the images on a disc for me?

L xxx


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