Saturday, 7 August 2010


How good are weekends, awesome right, i did wake up at 7am but the thought that if i got up i could play with paper, and wool and everything and not work was so exciting i got up. I am trying to sleep more but i had 'lights out' by 10.40 which is a whole 1.5 hrs earlier than normal.

I have a few pics of the house, but as its very bare its hard to actually tell what things are
Huge kitchen, but ours will have white cabinets and wooden tops (yum) we are thinking black tiled floor.

This is the master suite, i call it a suite because it is huge, quite hard to see here but its lush
I really like these tap, i love the little hole, i also like that its just one tap and you dont have to do the hot cold hot cold dance some sinks have.
As Rob was working today his Ma n Pa came to help me,
This is our pretty banister

Thats all can show you really

So the rest of the day but i did get most of what i wanted to get done today done! I got all my DT work done and uploaded etc i did my 2 pages for the secret project (i dont actually know when i can tell you about this yet).
I baked cakes
We arent really icing lovers in this house so will happily eat them like this

So what i was coming by to show you was a few Florida pages, im sure i have tons more but they need taking out the album and photographing.
They are all super basic and quick but i still quite like them

So as i got all my 'homework' done early i headed into the living room with a couple of chick flicks, Serendipity and Sleepless in Seattle and dig this out from the depths of my bottom draw.
I started this in June when my lovely mam kindly bought me all this wool
there were 6 balls might i add
This is what im making, yes its a real life pattern not s download lol

So i was doing quite well with it, its pretty simple R1K, R2P, R3K, R4K, R5P, R6K or something like that i must of got distracted at some point and i could not get it to fix i ripped it out 4 times and i never do that!
I just couldnt get it right. It is thankfully fixed (if you follow we on twitter you will have heard this whole sorry story for the last couple of hours lol)
But its fixed and im actually quite nearly there, each sequence of 7 takes 30 mins so its a time consuming one. But i figured concentrate on one then its done rather than doing 4 things for a hour, which is what i normally do, sometimes i even use a timer lol

So not im back on track im going to do one more 7 then bed with my book which i am also working on finishing as i have been reading it for far too long.
i will leave you with a pic of my lovely sweet peas


Serendipity (Christine) said...

House looks lovely, great to have a big kitchen. I too have spent the evening knitting and undoing! Ahhh Serendipity - absolutely brilliant fave film! :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh the inside of the house looks fabulous. the kitchen does look really spacious and the master bedroom is lush. wonderful LOs as always rachel. i am progressing well on the bag and have just found a pattern for a crocheted slouch hat to give a go for autumn.
Jo xxxx

Abi said...

hi rachel.

Such sweet LO's! Beautiful colours and patterns! The knitting will look beautiful when it is finished. I am such a slow knitter that that wud take me forever! Lol! Thanks for sharing! Abi x

Rachael said...

The house is looking fab Rachel, can't wait to see it with all your fantastic bright accessories!! Just think of all the pages you can make about the transformation. Great LOs too, I really must get around to scrapping our Florida photos.

Jenny said...

OMG your house looks lovely! Hope you got the knitting fixed, that's a pretty funky pattern, am randomly loving her Owl necklace in the pic too! x x

{ Emma } said...

Wow, it's so exciting that the house is finally becoming real. What a lovely kitchen... I think a black floor would look really good with the colour combo you are going with.

Love that shrug... looks so comfy.



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