Friday, 6 August 2010

Monster Progress

Hi gang, its Friday and finally the weekend hurray, im super excited about this for tomo i am going to see our house, well not our house (ours is still very little) but a house like ours will look, which is exciting as we havent ever seen it. On sunday we are picking our kitchen and tiles etc.

So this week i have been on a mission with my monster,
I chose to use the same colours as they had
This is Aqua and Tomato i got it from here
I love this colour combo so cute, so the first bit to make are the legs which are tricky, you have to use with magic loop or DPN'S, if you knit you will probably know this lingo.
Magic loop is what i did, its not nearly as hard as you might think, you can learn via this video
The next bit was a wee bit tricky, but i think it is explained well, you basically make two legs, then they need joining together, your needles will look like this
then you knit in the round again, this might take a bit of swopping of the needles.
and keep going

And going, then a bit of decreasing, then you cast off using the 3 needle bind off, i used this
Try not to knit so much you wear a hole in your finger?
Then he looks like this
As you can tell from the photos i have pretty much taken my monster everywhere, work, the bus, knit night everywhere.
So this weekend i would like to get the arms done, which i have already started and start the pocket.
So if you are making him, then i hope this has helped.

As well as monster work i also hope to cast on my Clapotis which this lush yarn
I am also working on a bolero, this is super easy and great to pick up when im on the bus
I also have my design work to do for Sarah's and im working on another project thats very hush hush for now but i need to do that too.

I am also planning on getting lots of sleep, I was so tired at work yesterday i couldnt concentrate, think those midnight bedtimes and 6.30 starts are getting to me, so last night when i got home i went straight to bed (which is why i didnt blog), and i feel much better for it.

I have a stack of Florida pages i did for Robs book too so i will share them over the weekend, and a new ripple and my what i made for my sisters birthday.
So what about you guys are you up to much this weekend?
Rach xxx


libby said...

WOW Rachel - sounds like you've been busy and have a jam-packed weekend coming up. Hope you manage to fit everything in. Picking items for your home is so much fun - enjoy!


Nicola said...

Oooh cant wait to see him finished - he is on my list after jaywalkers and secret things. Noticed you're still drinking dr pepper urgh! Have a nice wkend xx

JO SOWERBY said...

thanx for the knitting prettiness, i am gonna check out this site. i am progressing well on my crocheted lucy bag, my mum's impressed as i found it hard to pick up from her as a lil girl. will be sharing some pics later
Jo xxx


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