Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Layouts, yes Layouts

Before half of you completely leave my blog for not blogging about scrapping i am here to make you stay (or try lol)

So every year for the past 4 years, or maybe 5 i have been making Rob a birthday book, from July to July, believe it or not i started this years in April, simply because I made my sister one last year and robs book suffered because of it. So i thought i would start early and do a great job.
Well this is some of what i have so far

Every book starts with his previous birthday
gorgeous Wilson
Our super cute garden last year
Ok they are jumping out of order because they arent all photographed, this was a class by Rachael E
Leeds Christmas market
Leeds light night Nov, i remember going just coz rob wanted to and i kinda thought there would be some good photo ops, we went to Tiger Tiger for tea and a few drinks which was most unlike us but we needed up a little bit drunk and i spent the rest of the night needing a wee.The things you remember huh
Lincoln, the city where we fell in love
My favourite photos of the year
The most perfect weather day ever, we had just got back from Florida, we went to the park in our new clothes, it was hot but not stupid and ahhh just perfect it was the 30th September

I have a stack of Florida photos, but sadly i have someone only got to December so i have more to do but that involves printing more photos, more page protectors etc and i havent got around to it.

I hope you enjoyed my little scrapping page, but i do have one knitting thing to share today, you know when you are facebook and random things pop up which you have no interest in at all?

Well i clicked on one and found a fun shop
they do super cute knitting themed things like this
this.. and all of these

Well thats all from me, I am seriously close to finishing a certain stripy fella eekk so best go
thanks for stopping by
rach xx


{ Emma } said...

Great LO's. What a lovely idea for a present.

Love that site. I bought a mug from Cafe Press recently about the Big Bang Theory (don't know if you watch it?). Was quite expensive but so very cool. But now I want a knitting one too!

Poinz said...

Lovely!! A nice way for me to unwind after a long day = looking at loadsa layouts! Thanks rachel! Now I feel like scrapping myself! hehe

Nicola said...

So this is my 2nd username as this thing refuses to let me comment. I got that link yesterday too! Look forward to seeing the monster xx

Abi said...

Lovely Layouts Rachel. Really sweet idea for the book! I'm sure your man will love it. Handmade presents are always the best! Abi x

Sarah xx said...

Yaaaay! I love ALL your LO's Rach and was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms - these have more than made up for it - I love them all! Don't forget to put your knitting down sometimes!! xx


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