Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Unrealistic Expectations

So I appear to have a case of the above, this tends to apply when it comes to lots of things, work, money, and mainly what i can actually achieve in my evenings and weekends.
I like nothing better than writing lists, I shall try not to pretend i do this at work but yes i have been know too.
I write crazy long lists such as finish a whole garment etc but i never seem to get my whole list done then i stress out, normally on a sunday night that i havent made enough that weekend and i cant possibly go to work when things remain unfinished. Welcome to my world.

I am to rant about this on my blog as today i have been moved away from my lovely chum heather at work so we cant talk (very quietly) about wool, houses, babies, bunnies, what we are having for tea, or how loud the guy behind us is being.

So anyway, as the baby things are slowly coming to a end i wanted to show you what is on my new list of things i wanna make for me me me me!
Seriously how many times am i going to blog about this vest (from Boutique knits) before i make it? but it is schedule to be started this week, i have the yarn (baby rico- purple) and everything.
The beautiful Clapotis 2 balls of lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran have arrived today so i can start soon with some serious help from my sis (above)
Man i have wanted to make this for donkeys, the hugely popular Owl jumper i wanted to make it even more when i saw it on lovely Jennys blog. So this i hope to start at the end of the month (i.e after pay day).
What else.....
oh yes this has been on my favourite list for a while Shalom Cardigan
Well those are the things on my list, but i also would like to master gloves with fingers and everything.
I am also working on my Monster which i hope to blog about tomo, if you wanna follow me on Twitter (Reward82) then there have been tons of photo's of him in progress, he is looking pretty cool now if i do say so myself.
Right i am off to nurse my poorly finger, its been getting really sore with all the knitting and i actually broke through the skin tonight so it needs bandaging up before i con continue but all i can find are cupcake shaped plasters.
Rach xx
p.s i am aware i havent blogged my scrapping it all needs photographing etc so you know lol


libby said...

They are all gorgeous - can't wait to see them when you make them. That owl jumper is just awesome. I'd love to be a better knitter but I'm pretty hopeless :-). Can't see an owl jumper in my future so I hope you manage one.


Jenny said...

I wrote a list the other day, of stuff I want to knit before the year is out. Blimmin eck, it's long, but I'll give it a go! Thanks for the mention :-) *blush* x x

Nicola said...

So thought id comment on everything while this login is in a good mood. I love the owl jumper. Let me know when you start the clapotis...v exciting x


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