Monday, 9 August 2010


Morning guys, so how has monday come round so fast huh? Poop! Im not actually feeling to bad today got my huge chunky cardi finished, it was so huge and heavy to knit with at the end
So thats a huge project off my list yippee, no photos yet but soon.
I am resisting the urge to cast something on new but i have a huge pile of WIP to get through. Im chuffed that i also got my monster arms done last night, so i started on the pocket on the front of mama monster, then the baby and im done yippee.

So this weeks goals
1- Finish my Monster
2- Sew together Owl number 2
3- Work on the dreaded yellow baby cardi
4- Dig the holey bolero out of the box of doom
5- Start a secret project
6- maybe start the Clapotis
7- Go to the gym 3 times, I have been useless lately but my bag is packed for today so i will try.
8- Scrap a page just for me
9- Work on Purple bolero
Hmmmm there is that unrealistic expectations again

But what i stopped by to show you was something I made my sister for her birthday.
As you know my sister is a knitter so its quite hard to make a knitter something knitted but she tends to make things for other people and as its winter in Australia i thought i would go for something cosy.

The Pattern is Annas Wedding Bolero, same as im doing in purple
Because I'm me i thought i had best take a photos in it, so i think you can see the colour a bit more here, p.s also bad idea to have worn a pink t shirt (fail)
Cute isnt it?

Right i had best go if im not gonna be late, i have 3 or 4 other knitting projects to share with you so i hope you dont get bored, i also have a few snaps from yesterdays picking kitchen and tiles session.
Have a nice monday, or as good a monday as is possible
Rach xx


Liz said...

The bolero is lovely - a great coloue! I'm sure your sis loves it!!

Sounds like you are going to blast your way through your UFO's and WIP's - wish I could do the same!!!

Wanna do mine????

Nicola said...

You're wearing my cardi!!!
Huge needles, what size are they?! x

JO SOWERBY said...

wow the chunky knitting is humongous
Jo xxx

Nicola said...

So now ive discovered I comment by putting my email address - I thought I would comment do I get a little photo like the other commenters?? xx


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