Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Baby Knits

Hi guys well as you know my latest baby knits are coming to a end, with the final 'july baby' being born the other day (not in July) here he is.... baby Jack, all wrapped up in the blanket i sent him
This blanket was so gratefully received, when my friend Becky got it she text me saying how grateful she was and how she had been looking at the one in Mama's and Papa's but could stretch to one so was very chuffed. Those kinda comments just melts my heart to know how much someone appreciates it and the best bit of all is seeing baby using what you made them or even bought them thats my favourite bit. So this is Jack all wrapped up on the way home from hospital.
Anyway I have another ripple i havent shared with you yet, this if for my lovely friends baby Lydia, i sent it in the post a few weeks ago but im getting to meet her at the weekend im so excited.
This is of course the fabulous Attic 24 pattern- I'm really happy with the colours of this, and if you like these ripple blankets but cant maybe crochet then my friend Heather who is the best crochet'er in the land is selling some on her blog, they are tons better made than mind (i do try thou), so head over to this post for more details.

So if you are wondering how my monster is going, well he is all cast off i just have the giant job of sewing him up, he currently looks like this

So hoping to make him in the next couple of days

Ages ago 12th June to be exact i started this cardi it looked super easy and quick so off i went in a fab pink colour
I swear this thing has taken forever! its been a complete pain really fiddly and just hmmm tricky, i finally finished it last week and im so pleased its done, this is also for Lydia
The most beautiful button in the world
Im quite pleased with it now its done but more grateful that it is done, i'm also really looking forward to the other baby cardi i'm doing which is proved to be tons harder than it looks.

Right thats me for tonight i think i best go and start to sew my monster together.
thanks for stopping by
Rach xx


Anne said...

Wow - really fabulous! The ripple blanket is particularly impressive - what a beautiful gift for your friends to have received, I'm sure they will treasure them always.

Nicola said...

Wow! Awesome baby cardi x

Jenny said...

Oooooh look at that teeny baby in the blanket! Want! Pics like that make it all worth while x x

Candace said...

Love the colours in the pink ripple an oh my does that little baby look so cute all wrapped upon in the lovely riplle!

Claireliz said...

Aww cute baby pic, all snuggly & snoozy :) Love all your knitted projects Rachel.


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