Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I have 70 'followers' im so excited, hello to my new 'chums'. So today i have something to share with you (obviously)
This is actually my first ripple, which i had nearly finished when i started the bright one but i finally went back to this one and finished it. I still really like the colours, it was meant for the next baby but now she has been born, these colours look too boyish for a girl, so i have started a girl one but it keeps going wrong, and im kinda sick of trying to fix it lol. Not quite sure when i will get to meet her so i probably have a little bit of time yet.

This is a little card i made for the new arrival, I do like knowing the 'flavour' of a baby, i have been knitting something cute, girly and pink, but i will share that with you later. I have have to share the birthday present i made for SJ.

I want to mention my lovely friend Natalie since she came round a few months ago for a blog overall, she has been blogging lots more and some of the cutest things you have ever seen, knitting, kiddies, decorating, sewing everything, she also went to Woolfest at the weekend so you can read all about it over on her blog, so get yourself over and check her out.
Well i had a crazy early morning at the gym today after quite a late night and then a horrid day so im gonna go to bed now before i fall asleep at my desk.
Night xx


Gems said...

Those ripple blankets are stunning - wish I was clever enough to make them! xx

Natalie said...

Your blanket is just gorgeous hun! I love it so much! Well done :) xxx
P.S. Thank you also for the blog mention, you are too kind. Mwah! xxx

Poinz said...

Love the colours on this project of yours! absolutely love love love! Sell them please hehe

Vanessa said...

such a sweet blanket! i love the colors :-)


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