Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Do I spoil you?

I have another yes another, finished knitting item to show you, i know, you are spoilt rotten!
This time it is none baby related! I know pick yourself up from the floor, I made this for my lovely chum SJ, so i text her the other day to say can you take a few pics so i can blog/fb it, and a true scrapper that she is took some seriously cute photos, wanna see? The basic principle of the item is this pattern.But its been adapted a bit into moss stitch. anyway.....
Does she look cute? Really pleased that she likes it yippee.
I have another secret project but its not actually finished yet, and i will have to wait for the said person to receive it, i think you know who you are?
Right im off to bed had another early gym today, having a day off from it tomo which means i get a whole extra hour to sleep bliss! Nighty night xx

1 comment:

Rachael said...

That looks great Rachel. No I didn't know it was Ikea sale tomorrow, I have just told Justin and he is looking forward to going even more now lol. Just hope what I want is in the sale!


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