Saturday, 28 August 2010

Summer/ Winter

I dont know about you but where i live the weather seems confused, its freezing and raining one day then sunny the next. Its confusing me, one day im knitting summer things next winter lol.
But one winter item i started when i had 3 days off in June, was a chunky chunky cardi.
Weeks i spent making this, i went wrong a few times, and it was so big and heavy it was a little bit of a work out. But its finished, well it was finished a couple of weeks ago so here it is.
I am quite pleased with it, but it is very chunky and maybe more of a wearing in the house item.
But im glad its finally done it was a lot of wool, kindly bought by my mam. So this evening i am wearing this as its cold, i changed out my dress and leggings combo coz well it got cold. So lets see if tomorrow is a winter or summer day.

So today I quite unexpectedly thought it would be a good idea to have a thicker sort out, i have tons but they are all 3/4 used so a bit useless, so i got rid of loads which were just pointless, i banded the ones together where i had a few of the same, and then out loads in a draw of doom no doubt never to be touched again.
Draw of doom
I remaining ones that are deemed worthy to escape the draw of doom.
I also went through this
This box is a bit of a mess, some really old things in there that i have no intention for using, went into another draw of doom.Some went in the bin, some went back and were tidied, some went in a if i dont use it soon its going pile.
So im not quite finished, i plan on being harsh.... well draws of doom arent very harsh are they, but as im not scrapping as much as usual i may as well be surrounded by things i actually like lol.
Right thats me for tonight another 2 days off yippee!
Poor Rob is back at work tomo and monday so will be back to watching trashy tv on the laptop and knitting i think, or scrapping or saying i will and then not!
Night guys x


Sally said...

lovely cardi... nice colour too very autumnal :O)

great minds think alike i too sorted my thickers and threw 4 old packs away that were mostly used.... it was a wrench to do it but it needed to be done... the rest of my sutff to get out of here went in a pile to give to my SIL who is just starting out in scrapping, maybe you could do the same find someone who might want the stuff you don't then you dont have to worry about throwing it away ??
happy bank hol :O)

Natalie said...

I dreamt it was snowing last night! In August! I could believe it too. Your cardy looks fab, you should wear it out too.
P.S.I found a free iPhone app that let's me read blogs and it loads much much faster and doesn't crash, and let's me comment, hurrah!

JO SOWERBY said...

well done on all the tidying and i love the chunky cardigan. defo one for the cooler time of the year.
i have been to ikea to by some more cube shelves/bookcases to store my stuff as it is getting out of hand. i just cant bear to throw away my scrapbooking stuff.
Jo xxx

Abi said...

lovely lovely cardigan! It's so pretty. I know, the weather is very undecided at the mo. I swear I have about three changes of clothes each day!!

Your throwing out thickers!!?? I cann't bear to part with mine!! I'm too much of a hoarder! Lol!


Scraptastic Mel x said...

I love that cosy cardy it looks perfect. You are right you never know what the weather will be like, do you? It's been a pretty grim bank hol.
I am having a break from scrapping too, but it is cos I seem to have lost my mojo rather than being into any other craft! Well I am still baking I guess that's a craft!?


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