Friday, 27 August 2010

I'm here

I know its not often i go this long without blogging and the longer you leave it the more daunting it becomes. So here goes, obviously i have had a busy week.
Monday- Bridesmaid dress fitting etc
Tuesday- bride and groom came for dinner
Wednesday- sat and watched 18 Kids and counting from 6pm- 11.30! whilst knitting
My Clapotis has been my main focus knitting wise this week, its getting big
I am really enjoying knitting this and it looks much harder than it is, its getting a little big to drag around on the bus etc but im now on my 4th ball which means i am half way there.
On Thursday, what can i say thursday was a fun day, the fun began at lunch time when my friend Lisa brought her gorgeous baby to see us, we went out to lunch with a few friends, and Katrin looked like a little doll

I swear i didnt wake her up just for a cuddle
So thursday night came around and i once again headed to Baa Ram Ewe there was a sale on and the launch of the Autumn/Winter collection, and Louisa Harding was there, i went with a few girls from the tuesday night knit group.
Here are a few snaps
Louisa herself
Me modelling one of Louisa's creations- i stole this photos from Nats i hope its ok, p.s dont mind me rocking my natural hair colour for the first time since i was 14, i am on the case lol.
Speaking of Natalie, it was her birthday on Monday so we headed next door to Wok On for some birthday noodles
We had a lovely girlie time and went home with our bags of shopping.
So speaking of which, as you know i am buying a house so i have to be good, so this is what i picked up
On thursday morning i finally gave in and bought this
The fabulous Owl jumper pattern i have been dreaming about for a while, this is on my 2 weeks off work list. So of course i needed wool right?
I went for this its a Oatmeal colour, i would have preferred grey but this was on sale at £1.50 a ball, i needed 5 balls so the wool and the pattern cost £10 bargain right?
I also picked up this old magazine for £1 it had some cute patterns in
some cute patterns right?
I also picked up some more Kool Kotton I got this for the hat i mentioned last week but the colours arent quite right so maybe another monster or owls
So that is basically my week, very much looking forward to the 3 day weekend we are having in the UK, tomorrow, me and he are going 2nd sofa shopping, our new living room is pretty big and we dont really have anywhere for anyone to sit at the min, well one person, so we are heading to the Bank holiday sale, god help us.
Other than that not much planned, knitting and i WILL scrap with my new cosmo as its been sat there a week now, and i'm very aware how much the contents of my blog has changed lol.
Right bed time
nighty night
Rach xx


libby said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun, week. Enjoy your long weekend.


JO SOWERBY said...

wow u have been busy rachel enjoy the bh weekend
Jo xxx


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