Sunday, 29 August 2010

Summer day

So today it was a lovely summers day, my friend thats getting married on sunday ( and who i am bridesmaid for) wanted me to take some snaps, i dont want to show them all but we headed up to Roundhay park, my favourite place in leeds at about 12 ish and it was surprisingly quiet.
The Mansion- you can get married here but its about a billion pounds
Not a cloud in the sky
ok some over here
I love love this bit of the Park , I did a layout on it nearly 2 1/2 years ago this remains one of my favourite pages actually. (tiny photos back then sorry).
Vic and Ant
I had a really nice time in the park, then back home for more shifting about of stuff on my desk, and i actually scrapped i have 1 & 3/4 pages done, which arent photographed now.
I then settled in for the fabulous Whip It on dvd, we rented it in an attempt not to buy it but having watched it again i need to buy it.

Tomorrow is a glorious bank holiday, i plan on finishing my page doing another, and knitting lots of it i have deadlines and they are coming quick!
Nighty night
rach x


Rachael said...

Looks like a gorgeous place Rachel and your photos are great!

Claireliz said...

great photo's Rachel. I love Roundhay Park, I once met Jimmy Saville there when I was about 10, my auntie used to live in Leeds, I remember the night Michael Jackson did a concert in Roundhay Park, & we were sat in her garden listening to it, it was fab

Scraptastic Mel x said...

These pics are fab. I didn't notice any sunshine since I have been back from hols. I have been debating whether to order whip it from lovefilm but think I will now- thanks!


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