Saturday, 10 July 2010

Todays Plan of action

Every weekend i give myself a insanely long list of things i want to get done, i rarely get everything done coz they are seriously long. 2 weeks ago it had 26 things on it, ranging from blogging, to scrapping, to knitting whole garments, to sewing, i got 9 done that weekend.
Last weekend there was 12, mainly from the week before but i had been a little more realistic this time i got, i got 6 things done lol.
Today I have 7, but one includes do at least 15 scrapbook pages (yeah yeah) and the another is make a quilt.
I showed you my lovely Early Bird fabric before but here is another peak
Pretty huh?
So i want to make it into something even prettier, my previous quilts have literally just been fat quarters chopped up, but today i fancy being a bit more daring.
All these lovely quilts are available to download for free from the Amy Butler sight as well as tons of other stuff.
So they are my plans, I'm going to do my best to avoid the internet today as its a time sucker!
Oh yes i have a cute photo to show you
This is baby Katrin, shes cute, im guessing she is smaller than thought as that little baby grow is a little big lol.
Right im off to have a super productive day, scrapping, sewing and knitting all in the same day lucky me huh!
have a great saturday whatever you are up to xx


Rachael said...

Enjoy your sewing day Rachel, looking forward to seeing the result! Cute baby :)

Claireliz said...

Beautiful fabric, where do you buy it from? Hope you get your sewing done today, cute small person too :)


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