Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wooly things

I know i know! you wouldnt think this is a crafty blog, but I have been busy what can i say, and a good chunk of what i am making are gifts.
But anyway i thought i would share with you a little yarn stash i have been gathering for a few weeks

there was 6 balls of this, lovely Wendy Pampas Chunky.
wanna see what im making with all this wool?

i thought it was super cute, and picked my favourite colour, its a really easy knit but its now huge and i cant take it anywhere, coz its so heavy.

Its got quite hard work now, it has 60 stitches on the needle (just) and you do a sequence of K,P,K,K,P,K so i like to do it the 6 row sections or i will get lost but with so many stitches it takes ages to do those 6 rows lol.
So what else....

My crochet is coming along nicely, i think i have finally cracked it, using the fabulous Attic 24 pattern, i have used Baby Rico yarn on this. I really want to give this to my friend next saturday on her baby shower but will see.

Kool Kotton by James Brett, is a recent discovery and not by me by my chum Heather, she has just finished a lush blanket it in here. I plan on making a cushion with these for the new house, when i have finished the billion other things i am doing lol.
Speaking of James Brett, whilst i was home i stumbled across some lovely wool in my LYS (local yarn store, i just learnt that)

This is pure Merino (as you might of guessed) but instead of the £5+ you would normally pay for this from Debbie Bliss (love her but cannot afford her wool) this was £2.79 which i thought was pretty good, and the colours are really cute, i have a special project in mind for one of those colours, so may have to go and purchase some when i am next home, which is next weekend for baby shower. (thats sentence literally had no full stops in, i type how i speak sadly for you which is very fast without much pausing).

purple is my new favourite, and i love this Wendy mode chunky, its 50% merino and its about £2.75 a ball and you get loads, so i bought this for a project for me.
What else... I know it looks bad but i have been storing all this up.

This wool is a super super bargain, they have some fab colours and although its acrylic its really soft hence the 'special' i got this from LYS at home and it was £1.35 a ball bargain, it varies between £1.25 online and £1.60 in shops. But i really like it, i thought it was great for little baby cardigans, I plan on using this lots for like everything.

also some more needles, i normally pinch them off my mam if i dont have what i need but she said out of all her needles the 3 1/4 ones were the only ones she would use it she ever knit, so i felt bad and got my own.

something my mam swears by, she makes every baby item in wendy peter pan, so i spotted this lovely pink, and figured surely someone will have a girl so got it. This is what im planning on knitting little daisy cardigan

how cute, just hope im clever enough. This pattern is from this great pattern book that my friend has lent me

its really cute, i'll show you what i like...

not sure i am quick enough to make these before all the babies arrive which is mainly next month eeekkk!

Well thats about it for now, i am gonna be organised and blog now for tomo and then just press publish before i run out the door to the train station, where am i going now? why to see this lady of course

eeekk I'm super excited all the weekend birthday fun we are gonna have this weekend! Woo!


Gertie said...

OMG you will be able to open your own LYS before too long LOL
Love the first lot of wool and the pattern.

Your crochet is coming on lovely :-)

Just started another ripple (on me blog) using old dk stash and got another one to do using Rico Baby

Vanessa said...

I love your wooly/knitty posts!
The color of the wool in the first photo is yummy..I would love to use that. I have not picked up my needles in 8 months..I need a project!

BTW..your crochet looks gramma used to make blankets like that..I would love to learn how to crochet!

Louise said...

oh wow... O just love the wool. I am in the middle sof doing a crochet ribble balnket, but it really makes my wrists hurt so I'm haveing a break.
Love the 'heavy' cardi you're knitting... might have to have a go at one of those too... great blog post Rach

Clare said...

You're such a busy bee!! Love your enthusiasm, it's inspiring. Have a fab w'end with the girls. C x

JO SOWERBY said...

oooh have a fab alice inspired weekend if sj is still going with that plan. loving the wools rachel. have a g8 w/e by the sea.
Jo xxxx


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