Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Proper photos

Hi guys another hectic day here, but this time in Leeds, we went on a trip to Ikea, we decided it was too wet for Skipton and thought we would save it for a sunny day.
So flying visit and i still have loads to do at 23.29pm! just a few proper photos from our lakes trip.

Phew! quite a few huh! not compared to normal but that was the rains fault. So tonight i have impressed myself by making something from start to finish, will share tomo, if i can get photos.
So tomo i am making a brief appearance at work, before jetting off (well on the train) down south to spend a lovely weekend with my friends for lovely Sjs birthday, i literally cant wait, I loved my last visit down there, and this time i get to see all my chums at the same time, dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters woo! I really hope my rabbit ears have been delivered to Robs work while i was away.
Right i best get to bed, i will show you some pretty wool and what ive been making tomo.
Thanks for putting up with these photos heavy posts xx

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