Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day 3

Hi gang once again i wrote a post out last night and my phone crashed. I was too mad/tired to do it again so here is a quick look at our day yesterday in Keswick.
We knew it was going to rain, well it is June in the UK and we were going to the Lakes lol.
So first on the list was fish and chips

then we walked through a pretty park to get to the lake

I have loads better photos on the big camera but will show them in my 'proper' blog post, so on the way home i did some knitting on a new project.

then got stuck so did a bit of this

We got stuck in traffic so went on a detour via Barnard Castle

Then once home I went to see my granny and did some knitting there lol

lots of knitting updates so show you. We have another day off tomo and our last, we are planning on going to Skipton which I have been wanting to go to for ages, but its gonna rain so not sure if we/I will save it for a sunny day hhhhmm.
Will share better photos and things tomo but i'm sleepy now.
Oh yes thanks for all my lovely comments on my hair, i'm still loving it, although now its all cut i'm feeling more impatient for the stupid colour to come out but i have to wait a little longer :( .
Right bed, guess i will unpack tomo, not sure why we always come home with a car full of stuff doh!


catesbyK said...

Ah, you are reminding me of home, I love Old Keswickian chips, they mysteriously taste so much better than usual chips! My fave shop in Keswick is definitely Ye Olde Friars though, sweetie shop of joy. Glad you had fun in spite of the inevitable rain.

Sarah xx said...

Sounds like you've had a great and very busy time and ALL that knitting too??? The photo of the lake is stunning - very atmospheric, love the colours!! xx

libby said...

Doesn't it always rain in the lake district? It did when we were last there and when my parents visited as well :-). I've been trying to prepare my girls for all the rain I'll know we'll have but I don't think they get it because "it's Summer".


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