Sunday, 6 June 2010

Day 2

I've just spent the last 30 mins writing a blog post and my phone had a hissy fit n crashed not happy!
So once again...... Today was wet and miserable, but before it rained a took a few pics around the garden

Cute sign I bought mam n dad, I have something similar but mine is battered and needs replacing.

-my sister lives forever away! In fact as the sign says a bloodly long way!
So speaking of which I headed inside to go on the webcam. I'm not often home on a Sunday to do this so it was nice

I rang her at the same time so we didn't have to type and could knit (clever huh) I showed her some of my bags of projects I'd brought to work on

Browsed Ravelry at the same time

After I had closed her sad webcam face down ( 3 hrs later)
Me and the folks went to lunch, then came back and had a rainy afternoon in, we did a bit of this

And this

And this

then I got my hair cut.... Like this....

I'm really pleased with it, and once the nasty black has grown out it will be grand!
Evening spent knitting, can't believe how much I have got done.
Finally I wanted to say a HUGE Happy Birthday to my lovely friend heather who turned 24 today!!

Tomo we are supposed to be going to the Lakes.... In the rain bound to be fun, that's all for now night x

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Jo said...

Love the hair cut, it really suits you

libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Sounds like you're having a lovely little holiday. LOVE the new hair cut - very cute! Makes me thinking about getting mine cut short again.


Heather said...

Ok I admit - your hair does look fab in it's new cut. BUT you are not allowed to tell me how much you want long hair ever again? Ok :p

and thank you for my birthday wishes :D x x x x x x x x x

Louise said...

Love the new do... it really suits you

beksynormz said...

Lush hair hun, looks fab xxx

hotpotato said...

I love your new haircut, really suits you.

Claire said...

I adore your hair - I would love mine like that but with a round face its doesnt really suit!

Claire x


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