Sunday, 6 June 2010

First of many

Days off woo.
So I'm blogging from my old bedroom tonight I thought I would share a few photos of my day.
It started at 7am! I have been waking up super early (stupid pigeons) so just got up and got to work on some stuff. I did a layout for the sarahs cards blog ( sorry Rachael I meant to post it before I left but ran out of time). I baked cakes, I updates my projecs on Ravelry, I shared Nellie with my facebook friends.
So one my parents arrive (finally) we went to see the hous which looks much like it did last week but the first time parents have seen it and the area.
Then we headed to robs mam and dads, for a catch up

Both sets of folks together!
Shortly after there was a bee stinging incedent ( but I'm blaming no one) my mam was very brave and screamed and screamed lol.
Rob took some pretty photos once the drama had passed

So after a afternoon in the garden I headed home home as it's now called, I got tons of knitting done in the car whilst my mam slept of the Pimms my mil gave her.
Then we stopped at my sisters to pick her up!
Have I told u about my niece and nephew before? No? Here there are

-this is Ginger and Chalky

This is my biggest sis with her babies, we then went home where I knit and watched BRitains got Talent and ate Chinese

So pretty good day today, not sure what's planned for tomo, depends on weather, set to rain and rain so prob lots of knitting.
Oh and Rob is driving up tomo and I'm getting my hair cut.
Right I must get to bed/ charge my phone.
Night all

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Heather said...

Gorgeous bunnies :)

Claireliz said...

looks like you had a lovely day (minus the bee incident), enjoy your time off work :)

JO SOWERBY said...

wow busy day rachel love ur niece and nephew. i have a black and white nephew caLLED FINN.
Jo xxxx

Sally said...

cute niece and nephew!! sounds like you are having alovely weekend so far :O)
I love the home home phrase thats what i called it when i was at uni, have a lovely break with you folks xxx


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