Friday, 25 June 2010

I couldnt be Happier that......

1- It is friday and the weekend in a oh one minutes time
2-My lovely Friend Charlotte (not baby shower baby) at a gorgeous baby girl tonight called lydia
Just look how brand new she is, clever isnt it the whole making people business.
3- I have the July Dt to play with and have actually finished 2 pages already
4- I have a lovely box of new stash to play with
5- I have some lovely fabric from the US winging its way to me, well its been delivered to my sisters hotel in Vegas but I will have it soon, wanna see what i got?

The beautiful Early Bird, turns out all the UK manufactures who thought they were getting this arent, due to manufacture problems so im really chuffed i ordered this.
This is the curtain fabric i have picked for my scrap room, so i guess i am going with these colours
This is Joel Dewberry Fabric and this is for the kitchen window, cute huh!
So i will pick up this lot next weekend when im going back home home.
Oh yes can i just say how awesome the Fat Quarter Shop have been, they have been so helpful replying like straight away with my 100s of questions very impressed.

6 I have some of the cutest housewarming presents from my sister, she gave me some pennies to spend whilst i was down south, coz she knows i got loads of pretty stuff last time i went. And coz i have no willpower i have started using them

The cutest chalkboard you ever did see, i went from writing cute messages to rob, to whats for tea? now i am using it like facebook, yesterday it said one day to go (till the weekend), now it says thank god its the weekend. Doh but i love it

I have something similar in the garden but its battered to death so i got a different one cute huh
Seriously cute pegs, and yes i have already started using them, i have never been good at saving in any sense lol
7- My beautiful new bad, for those who are 'friends' with me on facebook or twitter, know i have been going on about a bag for a couple of days, I gave in and bought it yesterday and its beautiful.

And yes it is indeed Cath Kidston, I have to admit i have never really got 'her' before it was all a bit flowery for me but polkadots, i just love, as you can see i happened to have my red dotty skirt i made on that day (not sure if i have even showed you that yet). The shop has just opened in Leeds and i have to say its beautiful its so pretty and well designed, i took a few sneeky photos, which are a bit blurry but thought i would share anyway.
Pretty, maybe i like it so much coz its red and blue and thats what im loving.
Well that is all for me, im feeling sleepy at this late hour, and have a list as long as my arm of things i want to do tomo, do you ever do that write a completely unachievable list and then get mad at yourself when you cant do it, i literally do this everyday it drives me mental.
One thing i will do tomo us upload loads of new colours to my little shop which has been awfully quiet lately.
Right thanks for stopping bye nighty night xx


JO SOWERBY said...

lots of prettiness on the blog today rachel. lil lydia looks really cute and a lil shocked at having come from nice quiet and womby sloshy world into noisy midwifery delivery suite world. bet she'll be even more gorgeous when u get to see her first hand.
Jo xxxx

Scraptastic Mel x said...

I have heard about the new Kath Kitson shop and so must go check that out in Leeds. I love, love, love the red polka dot pegs -ace! That chalk board is too cute too! We can't wait to get our own place to do it up with all the cute, cheesy home things - but I think it will be a LONG wait! Have fun with your new stash! x


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