Saturday, 26 June 2010

where is his hat?

The Sun i mean?He has not had his hat on today, im sure we were promised the hottest weekend of the year but its been warm but no sun, ho hum, but at least i got all my DT work done today, want to see sneaky peaks?
Just 2 peaks for now but i have done 5 pages which is my new record.
So i have been taking a few snaps today, i decided i needed more photos of friends in my house so i set to work having got a ton of new frames.
This is a tiny photo from Laura tiny instant camera, i loved the photos so jazzed it up a little.
This photo is awesome and i have had it printed to the biggest frame i have and it looks awesome
My lovely work friends, well i only work with Heather now, as Fran and Jen have now left, but i love this photo, it was someones leaving do, maybe even Frans (we have them so frequently).
I also picked up these multi photo frames from Wilko for a bargain £3.75 each how good is that? so good i got 2 lol, i see these on the wall by the stairs in the new house.
Being as i cant really do anything for the new house until its built, filling photo frames is what im going to do lol.
This is a little something my mam bought me when i was home last week, its a trug (as in for the garden) but she got me a little one to keep my wool in, she figured i wouldnt take it home as i was on the train and could just wait till next week when we had the car, boy was she wrong, not quite sure how i managed on the train with all of my stuff and this, but i did and im glad cute huh?
Whilst i was in the garden today searching for the sun, i noticed there was tons of flowers so i thought i would do a bit of chopping
As pretty as they look in the garden they look prettier in my house where i can actually see them lol
I chopped at a bit of everything really lol
And finally a couple of pics of my lovely stash, i didnt use it today as i was too busy with my Dt work, but i plan to use it soon
Mainly repeats of what i have, October Afternoon, Crate etc but i did sneak a few new crates and OA in there too, have to say i do rather Fly A Kite to Thrift Shop.
Right i best get back to my knitting, im pretty near finishing something new, although its gonna takes hours to sew up but should be worth it. Hope you are having a great weekend. Tomo is mine and robs first day off today since the lakes which was nearly 3 weeks ago.xx

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JO SOWERBY said...

love those pics with the girls, g8 idea to put extra bits onto the lil picture. looking forward to seeing the reveal of the DT work. have a g8 day off
Jo xxxx


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