Thursday, 24 June 2010

Last Weekend

I have been in such a kerfuffle i have completely forgotten to blog about my weekend and the lovely baby shower i 'hosted' last weekend.

So friday lunch loads of people from work headed out to lunch to wish Lisa off to her maternity leave
This is lisa and Trudy some of my 'other' friends at work and i mean other in that Heather isnt my only friend... well maybe she is lol
So lovely lunch and very sad to see her go for yet another year off work.
After work i caught a train back up north, and squeezed a bit of knitting in on the way
After a lovely evening in with my mam, I then went to Ol's the next day to do baby shower things
I threw the shower for my old school chum Ol, Im finding it pretty strange that shes having a baby im pretty sure it was only 2 mins ago we were 11 lol, so here are a few snaps of the day
This was my little helper Wilson
I made her have these photos done, as she didnt have any 'proper' bump ones and i thought she would regret it if she didnt, but she loves them so all is well
We all had a great time, but soon it was time for home, where my lovely friend Emily was coming for a visit (busy weekend huh). When Emily arrived (Em is a old college friend who lived in the north east and now lives in Edinburgh) we were trying to think of the last time we saw each other, we worked it out that it was actually 2004 January 11th to be exact as Emily was on my first date with rob (nothing odd she was just staying that weekend so we all went out for drinks)
I cant find a photo of that night with Emily in but this is us when we used to party like it was 1999 ok 2001 but still

and this is us now

It was great to catch up and find out that she is a knitter too, so i got her signed up to Ravelry hurray.
What next... oh yes sunday, I had a little time online to chat to my Auzzie sis, then went for lunch with my mam and grandparents, my dad works permanent weekend shifts, so although it was fathers day he was in bed on nightshift boo.
After lunch i pretty much just hung out in my mams garden doing a spot of knitting in the sun

Next thing i know im sat in the station with 100s of bags waiting for my train back to Leeds

The End lol So very hectic weekend, after a hectic weekend the one before, and the one before that and that! Safe to say im super tired and pretty much taking it out on everyone around me.
But this weekend i am staying in, i was gonna go to Woolfest but 7hrs on a coach is just too much so im gonna scrap with my new papers, and my new July Dt kit, im so looking forward to this week being over.
But for now i will leave you with a snap of my footstool coz its awesome

Im off to bed now, catch you tomo, oh and i was going to do a giveaway today but my computer is doing loads of upgrades etc so will try and do it over the weekend.
Thanks for stopping by xx

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JO SOWERBY said...

wow what a fab weekend. i was busy organising party events too for my mum who was 70 last sunday. my friendly kids upstairs katy and josh helped make the cupcakes etc and then party all day on sunday. after first week back at work this week after my extended unemployment, i am hoping to relax
Jo xxxx


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