Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hi gang, I wanted to share a little something I made last week after I bought this book.

This book is so cute, and a bargain at £8 i think it was from Amazon, and that bag on the front you get everything you need to make it, including Cath Kidston fabric, how much of a bargain is that, so i got to making it the night it arrived. It took about 2 hours from start to finish with lots of mistakes along the way but im chuffed with it.

its cute but it is quite small so i can just get one crochet project in

but what more do you need? Everyone at work has been commenting on it and when i say i made it they are well impressed lol.
So i have a few other pretty photos to show you, look what i found at the bottom of my garden last week

seriously cute flower, my mam will have told me what its called but i forget sweet huh!
Whilst we were off last week (was it only last week) we took a trip to Ikea, now the rule is you cant go without buying a plant, and buying a plant we did

have to say its not quite looking the picture of health now compared to this photo, it didnt appreciate my 3 days away without a drink eeek.
Right thats all for now, i have 2 weekends worth of stuff to unpack and i want to find my desk under all the stuff that is piled on every inch of my craft room eekk.
P.S oh yes did you guys watch Glee last night? wasnt it amazing!


JO SOWERBY said...

ooh i've yet to make my bag but gonna. loved glee last night, sue becoming nice whatever next.
Jo xxx

Claire said...

As someone who is obsessed with bags -- I WANT ONE!! LOL Love it and great work to make it!

Hugs Claire x

cathy said...

OMG, I have that book/kit too! have yet to find the time to sew it up tho! best get my finger out eh? Hope it's big enough for my hols cos' that's what I bought it for!
Love your pretty flower!

libby said...

Hi Rachel,

LOVE the bag - it's so cute! Lovely flowers too.


Candace said...

Lovely bag & book, must go hunting on Amazon tomorrow

Take care Can x

At 25 weeks and four days, said...

The gorgeous pink flower is a peony ... my favorite! You can't beat the size and smell:)


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