Monday, 24 May 2010

Smart Ar*e

That me, for some reason I thought i had mastered the art of crochet and how to ripple but today I am very much mistaken.
Yesterday i sat here most of the day

In the garden under my parasol, so i thought i would get on with the blanket i have to make for my friend by the 19th of June (yes less than 1 month). So off i went thinking i was all very clever

I have to say i was feeling pretty chuffed with myself, and even started on the 3rd colour.
So i popped it down for a bit and took pretty photos in the garden

I read my book for a couple hours and finally got it finished, ive been so close for weeks but been too tired when i went to bed, so promptly started the next in the series.
So today on the way to work/gym i got my crochet out and did another row, i noticed last night it wasnt quite wiggling properly

but i figured it would be fine, but when i showed Heather, she confirmed my fears that it was indeed wrong, and i needed to 'frog it' god i hate doing that :(
Shall i tell you the put that trips me up, its when you are at the end of a row and you have to get in the super tight C3 bit (ignore me if you have no idea what im talking about), so i have re printed the pattern, and saved a photo of what its supposed to look like

So with my tail between my legs i am off to rip out :( .
If you are wondering how Nellie the elephant is getting on! she looks like a elephant but i am really stuck with the stupid crochet ears :( hoping someone at knit night tomo and can her, coz she just needs her tail after that, which i also need help with ho hum!
Hope you have a lovely night xx


Carly said...

What a shame you had to frog it, I too frogged many many, many ripples so don't feel bad, they are quite an anomaly to be honest but you will get there I am sure of it :)

JO SOWERBY said...

oh dear, crochet is abit of a complicated craft i fear. i mess up too always with turning etc. have been away this w/e so glad u have enjoyed the sun and some time out from blogging and spending time doing fun things. hope u r feeling a little better after the loss of lola. it takes a very long time to get to grips with no matter what anyone says.
ur house is coming along nicely, hopefully it will start growing quickly. it's like waiting for a baby!!!!!
Jo xxxx

Jenny said...

Ohh no! What a shame! I naffed that bit up when I did the test ripple too it's proper fiddly but we learn by our mistakes. Lovin your garden furniture! x x

libby said...

Don't worry Rachel. I'm pretty sure I'm the worlds worst knitter and crocheter! I was working on some of Lucy's fingerless gloves but when I went to work on them after a weeks break I had no idea what to do ended up doing quite a few rows wrong. My family just laugh cause I'm always stuffing up :-). Needless to say I haven't yet tried the ripple :-).


Clare said...

You'll get there! I found with the ripple, you have to count every stitch. It's time consuming, but it has to be right or it just don't ripple! C x

Kerry said...

I hate sending stuff to the frog pond too especially when you have spent ages on it. Sometimes it is a refreshing feeling when it is a project that has been hanging around for ages (yes I have lots of those) but other times like yours you feel disheartened but don't give up. You CAN do it.

Debbie said...

Gutted!! How frustrating. I'd have given up at that point!


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