Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunny Days

Hi gang, so I am back from my little blog holiday, hope you haven't missed me too much.
So me and Rob thought we deserve a nice day out this weekend so we went to Holmfirth (Where Last of the Summer Wine is shot). So many pretty house shops there yum, we picked up a few things, but I havent photographed them as i have been the garden all garden (yes i am very red).

So if you live the UK you know its hot right, so perhaps not the greatest day to wander around in the heat, so as i havent go anything crafty to show you (yet) i thought i would show you what we did yesterday.

So saturday started early, i have been waking up like 6.30-7am lately, so I just gave up and got up as, as soon as I knew it was late enough (ish) to get up i kept thinking i had all this stuff to do, whilst i lay in bed i thought of the things i could do if i got up.
1- put washing on, we were going out at 9.30 so if i got up now i could hang it out
2- bake cakes for the pure fact my eggs needed using
3- make new brooches in new colours
4- im sure there was a 4th. oh yes write up wording for my work thats going in SI later this year.
Anyway the above photos are my cakes, on friday I got a bit of a late birthday present, which completely just confirmed how much i want my birthday at a nice time of year not crappy december 30th ggrr! So i got a cute Apron, little bowl and some silicone cupcake cases, I had been wanting to try them for ages so super excited.
Speaking about cakes, did i tell you about my mini eggs? i dont recall if I did

they were reduced to 27p a bag in the supermarket last weekend, i bought 20 bags! Im not ashamed i LOVE mini eggs, i took some into work, ive given some away, some are saved for birthday parties, baby showers, and now i just keep finding a random half eaten bag of them so that cant be bad. So anyway i got up and made cakes.
Then we headed to holmfirth, we had been told my by chum Heather that there were a tons of cute house shops and boy was she right we picked up some very cute bits.
Now photos, enough chat

yes thats my bag rob is carrying surely the mans job, girl job - provide pretty bag pack with water, crisps, books, knitting camera, boy job- carry it in the heat. LOL

Then we headed to the park to eat fish and chips under a tree (i dont like the sun lol)
So there was a super pretty tree just across from us

pretty with my lovely hipstamatic app

not so pretty with normal camera hhmm

I had time for a spot of knitting, I had actually knit the whole hour journey there and back, I got loads done very proud of myself.
So after we went back to the shops to pick the things we spotted in the first shop, we drove to the house.

the bricks we could see last week are now covered in concrete hmmm.
So we got the window measurements, learnt there the radiators are going etc, then headed for huge food job and back to Rob parents for some tea in the garden.

After tea, Rob went to watch the football with his dad, and me and his ma sat on the sun loungers chatting for literally hours, we only went in when i ran out of wool, and we noticed it was dark, it was about 10.30pm at this point LOL
Great day and just what we needed, I had a nice day today which i will tell you about tomo.
thanks for stopping by- off to after sun my shoulders :(


Rachael said...

Nice to see you back Rachel, I did miss your posts. Looks like you had a fab day love the photos of you and Rob, looks like a lovely little town.

Candace said...

Fab day out & very brave of you facing the sun all day

I've stayed inside out of the sun as lobster is not a good colour for me lol

Can't wait to see your new goodies

libby said...

Sounds like THE perfect day. Cakes, chocolate, family, an outing, outdoor dining and lots of knitting!!



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