Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pretty things on the horizon

Hi gang, how you doing today? survive your wednesday? this week feels long and its only wednesday. Which is probably why I am so excited about the weekend. Every bank holiday or day off i plan a million billion things to do (seriously you should see my list), so I thought i would share a few things i have in mind for this weekend.

So I pass this strange shop on the way to work every day, they sell a mix of random things, I had had my eye on a couple of very random things for a while now including this.

no dont get excited im not getting a dog (yet).

lovely (erm) fleece pink cushion.
But i have big ideas for these, cue big ideas .......

pretty huh? So i thought i had best get myself some fabric, i couldnt quite stretch to the lovely but £10 a mt stuff from Amy Butler so I headed down Leeds market and picked up this...

pretty huh? it was only £2 a mt (is only poly cotton) but still yum! I wonder if rob will let me have my curtains in this fabric, Rob?
So as one of the cushions is a floor cushion/dog bed (£5 btw) I needed something sturdy (as my mam would say) for the back, I have used this fabric before for some cushions and the back of my most recent quilt.

its actually lime green cord yum!
So thats my plans for the weekend, i also might have gone back for another metre to make the 20 min skirt i made a few months ago (am actually wearing it now).

Oh yes i was going to show you something else cute and dotty

how cute are my new tea towels? i popped them in the trolley in Tesco the other day but at £4 i think i might cut them up and cover a cushion in them lol.

so one final thing, this photo has been sat on my desk for 2 weeks now, i had been meaning to scrap it for ages and didnt get round to it, but today 1 week later i have scrapped it (will show you tomo)

my little teddy bear :(

Not to end on a sad note, i will be doing the blog anniversary giveaway tomo night, so be there or be square.
night xx
p.s roll on the weekend


Poinz said...

Hi! I love your shopping finds! N I absolutely lovee lovee lovee polkadots too!! This week IS so slow right? Can't wait for that bank holiday weekend! Have a great day tomorrow!

Candace said...

Liking the apple tea towels, need some new ones so may pop some in the trolley when i'm at tesco this weekend

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh loving the dotty bits rachel and love the lola picture. she was cute
Jo xxxx


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