Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lunch hours

The shortest hour of the day, and I try so hard to keep out the shops but I thought I would share a few pics of things I have my eye on for the new house.

Pretty bed which is bright pink on the other side.

-this one is def on my list sooo pretty!

This rug was lush so I asked I'd they had any in stock n how much it was, she was about to check stock when she said oh it's about £130 oh man! Never mind!

These are bright pink towels n perfect for the downstairs 'cloakroom' ( stupid name)

More towels cute huh! Bhs has a 30% sale on this weekend, but sadly we are not at the saving up stage to buy pretty things. But doesn't mean I can't look right?
So off I went to Next

I love mugs I rarely use a glass, I have tons of mugs and glasses mainly from Florida, but you can't have too many right?

So pretty huh

Oh man!
Anyway that's what I did on my lunch time today. Back to normal computer blogging tomo, where I can show you a bit of knitting I started today! Night x

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JO SOWERBY said...

all very pretty rachel. u will need to save up for alot of things by the sound of it.
Jo xxx

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Loving all those colours. And everything that those colours come in..
Yes why is lunch hour the shortest hour of the day??
Caroline x


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