Saturday, 15 May 2010

A good Foundation!

Thats we have, no I'm not being deep and meaningful, check out my little house!

No not the built ones, the little baby one behind that metal grid. Ok so you can barely see it but it has bricks which makes me very happy, I am not a natural saver by ANY means and currently it feels like we are saving for nothing at all, but now we can see a little something it makes me very happy.
So I have been pretty poor on the blogging front so I have lots of lovely things to show you to make up for it, coz no one likes a crappy blogger do they?
So sneak peaks or June Sarah's Cards kit

this one is now on my wall coz its pretty, I did sneak a bit of kraft in the kit but surely thats ok

I'm actually pretty chuffed with this one too lol.
So in the knitty world I started something new last night, even though I'm like soo close to finishing things, this is what I'm making.

everyone went mad for this when I posted a pic on fb but I have finally started him, I love the stripes so I'm using this.

because to be honest I didn't know what the heck to use it for, this is how I have got on so far.

4 little legs, which took like 3/4 hr each hhmmm

This is the body in progress, some serious amounts of magic loop which isnt my favourite but its easy enough, so if you fancy trying to make one you can get the pattern for FREE yes FREE here. I will update you of my progress as I make it lol. Oh yes I was going to use this colour for boys, thats if I want to make another,

cute huh, oh yes that reminds me, I have another baby to add to my list, a old work colleague is having a baby late september so very happy for her, this list just keeps going. But a good amount of the babies are due in July so lots of deadlines coming soon.
What else?
Oh yes! speaking of babies, I am throwing a baby shower for my friend Ol next month and I said I would make some invitations, they are super simple, and with the help of lovely SJ who made me a little musing to use for the invites, wanna see?

how cute is that preggy lady? very cute, so will get them posted on monday.Oh i used paperchase wrapping paper for the front which was pretty cost effective lol, and if you are wondering, my friends last name is in fact Snowball, yes!

You bored yet? well im gonna continue anyway.
Yesterday when I showed you those lovely bedspreads, what I didn't tell you is that I bought one, it was a bargain £35 reduced to £10 so i thought why not its pretty too

Im not good at saving things so gonna wash it now so we can use it now lol, I have saved some things for the house we have 2 runners, one for the hall floor and one for the kitchen floor and a pink bathmat.
Ok one final pic before I get back to my huge list of knitting things to do,

this is my new baby dotty jug, Heather kindly picked it up for me in the Laura Ashley sale and yes they are blue bells, although they are nearly finished, (thats nice way of saying about dead).

Well thats it for now, I am so close to finishing a knitting project about to cast off and its only at that point will i know if its right so wish me luck, and im pretty nearly finished my first of many baby blankets, which reminds me, rob has asked me to make something for this old school friend as her baby is due next month, he needs it by next sat eeekk!
One last photo which i just remembered I took

my Baby Rico mountain lush huh, i got most of this from HCS CRAFTS, i ordered some at 8am and had it the next day, i do like speedy delivery.
Seriously that is it now, hope you are having a lovely saturday x


Sarah said...

Wow, you have been the elephant...he is just soooo cute! x

{ Emma } said...

Wow, look at your house! Seriously, it'll be up now before you know it. There's a new estate being built on my drive to work and they get each new house up so quickly. Do you have a completion date yet?

And I know how sad it is not to be able to buy pretties. Money gets swallowed up by boring things... tonight we spent a frightening amount of money on a cooker, hob, tumble dryer and fridge/freezer (thankfully we already have a washing machine). Depressing but necessary!

I've faved that elephant as well, so cute. A couple of my friends are pregnant so thinking it may make a nice little extra gift. Can't wait to see how you get on with it.


libby said...

How exciting to watch your home being built. That elephant is just gorgeous. I definitely wouldn't have the patience to knit something like that. Loving all the wool and flower photos. Glad you got one of the bedspreads - they were all gorgeous. And that's definitely a great price.
Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh, its great now that you can see your house in progress! I love your stripey - the finished little elephant will look gorgeous. :)

Isn't the June kit lush? I'm still stroking, but will start cutting and tearing later!

Vanessa x

Sarah xx said...

Oh Rachel - that little elly is just gorgeous - am so loving that multi coloured wool - yummy!
And your! That must be sooooo exciting to see it start to grow - you must be really pleased? xx

My simple life said...

love the little elephant! and the wool you're using is lush. Well done with the invitations too. you have been busy!

My Owl Barn said...

I stumbled across your blog and it's lovely! That stripped elephant is so cute!

Jacquie said...

very exciting about the house!! I just need a job, then I can get moved (as long as my friend has a spare room for me lol, if not I need to think a bit harder!!)


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