Monday, 17 May 2010

The Tortoise and the Hare

So i thought i would tell you a little story today, as i seem to be mentioning lately, me and Rob are a little bit different from each other but in a good way. I am sooo impatient, Rob has the patience of a Saint (seriously its freaky).
Possibly because of the difference in our patience levels i want things doing immediately and rob just kinda plods along. Take the food shopping for example, one of my tricks is to send rob to the cash point and i can have a good chunk of the shopping done before he gets back inside, where as he is a box reader, it picks up everything, reads whats in it, sees if there is a cheaper option etc etc so i tend to just walk off and then get mad when i cant find him or moan. (yeah i'm a keeper huh)
So i thought i would do a layout about us, i call us the tortoise and the hare.

excuses the crazy amount of pics but im pretty proud of it, and you might notice that lovely tree, i have had that forever! and didnt dare use it lol. The amazing Fly a kite but October Afternoon is my favourite, some collections just go together, where some clash horribly, this is a perfect combo i just love it.

So the lovely leanne, posted some fun questions on her blog so i thought i would play along.

1. What book/s are you reading right now? I dont have anything a minute but i have a pile, so i have been listening to the Twilight Audio books, that way i cant knit and listen lol

2. What is your favorite website currently? I am all about Ravelry its awesome, everything you need to know about knitting ever!

3. If you had tomorrow free, and money no object - what would you do? Go to Florida and buy tons of American Wool, Fabric, and chap scrappy stuff, yes i know but its on my mind lately. Ok or i would go to a amazing beach in Hawaii and hang out with my fella

4. Where is the favorite place/coutry you have visited?
I love love Florida, but i would love to go back to Barcelona, we went in 2005 and would love to go back with a better camera.

5. Your top 3 Films of all time? oohh tricky! Juno, 17 Again, Santa Clause the movie- these do vary weekly/monthly

6. What is you most played song on your ipod/iphone/itunes right now?
Tricky i have just acquired some new tunes so into them. Guess at the min Relator- by Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson

7. Do have a icon you admire in your life, who? I dont think so famous wise, but i guess to be mushy i will say my mam and dad, they met young are still very happy together and i think that is worth admiring right

8. Is there anything you wish you had done when you were younger? younger as in 5 years ago, i wish i had a gap year, but as i was at college forever and then i didnt have any money it wouldnt have happened (and didnt) but now i want to go to Australia and far flung places and cant get time off work, and have bills to pay etc ho hum, i think if i hadnt have done Camp America in 2004 i would have been really bitter about this, but as it stands im just a little bitter
9. What is your ideal breakfast?sausage and mushroom sandwich yum!

10. Your favorite item of clothing is...... i love my pjs, but i guess i really love my knitted waistcoat i got in GAP in Florida, i wish i got it in different colours.

So there you go now you know a little more about me, so i think what i do is ask 10 new questions to some new people.
1- what is your favourite song ever!
2- what would be your death row meal (the last meal you eat on death row)
3- if you could live anywhere and your family, friends,job came too where would you live?
4- if you won the lottery would you still work? maybe not in current job but anywhere?
5- crisps or chocolate for the rest of your life which would you have?
6- if you could have a talent what would it be (drawing, painting etc not super hero)
7- what are your goals for this year?
8- where do you see yourself in 5 years
9- do you carry photos in your wallet and if so who of?
10- what would be your dream job?

and i will link up Jo, Libby (one if my new favourite blogs) Rachael and Heather

Thats all for now, i have some shop orders to get done tonight, i got 4 orders today which pretty much made my week already so excited, I also have new colour to introduce to the shop later this week. And.. its my BLOG ANNIVERSARY on thursday so i plan on doing a giveaway but more of that soon.
thanks for stopping by xx


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