Thursday, 13 May 2010


So lately I've been pretty addicted to baby Rico it's cheap, pretty colours and lovely and soft for the little babies!
So today a few balls may have arrived today

Pretty huh these 3 are just to go with other balls I have.

This also arrived! I'm very into purple and this is not for babies it's for me, to make the lovely vest which I have had on my list for ages. Hoping I will start this weekend but my list is LONG!

One blanket ready to start

So I'm not sure if I like the dark (petrol) blue makes it too boy like

Or without but I have just remembered I was supposed to be putting red with this wasn't I?doh one of those weeks.

So my subject is alike, this week I have been thinking how alike or unlike me and rob are, I like to think we even eachother out.
But it was rob that spotted this

His pretty collection

My pretty collection
Match made in heaven!

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Candace said...

The rico wool comes in such lovely colours! Will have to check out where it is stocked


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